How to play superpicks predictor for free

Do you know you can make money weekly with your football knowledge? That’s the opportunity superpicks predictor provides you with every week. In this article, we will guide you on how you can tap into the opportunity and change your money-making game. Who says you can’t make money using your hobby.

How it works

You can win up to N50 Million by just predicting the score of just 6 matches every week. The beauty of it is that it is totally free to use. And if there are no goals in a match the correct score will be zero or no goal.

So what are you waiting for to start predicting? Once you are able to hazard a guess of what the score line will end at the full 90 minutes completed time you qualify to win a whooping N50 Million in today’s economy.

That’s an opportunity to turn your financial fortune around using your football or soccer knowledge. Before I forget injury and stoppage time are part of the prediction time but exclude extra time.

The system can pick scores for you:

Maybe you don’t have much knowledge or you don’t have time to pick the score yourself, not to worry the system Quickpick feature can automatically pick scores of these six matches for you based on random selection. This uses probability rules and may not be more accurate than when you analyze the matches yourself. But as tricky as it seems there are stories of success using Quickpick with some elements of luck.

Can I play if I am below 18 Years?

The age limit for playing this game is 18 years. If you are 17 and below then am afraid you can’t benefit from this game.

How often can you play the game?

It is open every week and each player can have the opportunity of predicting the outcomes of these 6 matches once every week. If you are lucky you grab the cash and if it fails you have another week to try again.

Contest time:

This will be published alongside the predictions and it's usually before the start of the first game in each round of games. You will be able to see your position on the leaderboard on the website or app.

Conditions for winning:

1. Get all predictions correct:

Once you get all 6 predictions right, you can call your pastor to get ready to receive his tithe because then you will be 50 million naira richer, this is especially if you are the only one that gets it all.

2. More than one person gets 100% of scores:

The game includes a tiebreaker that asks you to pick the minute the first goal will be netted in the 6 games. This will select the winner if you guys tie on point. You only need to put a higher minute for games you think won’t entertain many goals and lesser time if you think the goals will come rushing early.

Usually, the individual with the closest tiebreaker is declared the winner of this jackpot where individuals level on points.

3. What happens when no one gets 100% scores:

Super picks award consolation prizes of up to N1 million and this is given to the user with the most accurate prediction for scores. Below is how the most accurate score is determined:

Correct score prediction attracts 5 points

Correct outcome prediction attracts 2 points

Incorrect prediction is awarded 0 points

Each match gets 5 points making the highest possible score to be 30 points and you can win even 20 points if you get the highest point.

4. Individuals tie on the most correct score in 3

The consolation prize of N1 Million will be split equally among these players with equal points. The game calls this the dead-heat rule and comes into play when nobody gets the scores 100%

Super picks Cheats

In case you want tricks or cheats on playing this game then this section is for you. Currently, there is no way to game the system but if you do your homework that should do the magic for you. Do know that there is nothing like fixed matches so don’t waste your money paying for the outcomes of games. Rather study the teams and decide your predictions. A team losing their key player may be an indication that they may struggle. Also, the h2h between the teams can tell you how the match may likely swing.

How to get paid?

After the draws, if you are successful, the 50 million naira jackpot is awarded at the end of the week and this is can be withdrawn using your bank. If there are no winners of the jackpot the consolation prizes go to individuals who score the highest points even if they don’t get all the correct scores. So there is something for everyone


What are you waiting for to play the game? Why not try your hands in a game that can guarantee you N50,000000 today without staking a dime. Who says your financial story can’t turn around for good this season.

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