FedEx Driver, Tanner Lynn Horner Who Abducted and Killed 7-Year-Old Child Arrested

The wicked FedEx driver who kidnapped and killed 7-Year-old Athena Strand has been arrested by the authorities. Athena was last seen on Wednesday near her home in Paradise Texas and was later discovered dead on Friday.

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This came after her Mum, Maitlyn Presley Gandy, alerted the public to help find her missing daughter using social media platforms like Facebook.

The news got to the media and intense efforts were made to uncover the culprits of this heinous crime in a stroke of luck the driver who may have committed the crime has been arrested and is currently being charged with Kidnap and murder.

Athena Strand parents

The news of his arrest came with some sigh of relief. Different means were used to bait and catch the culprit. Also, lots of people volunteered in the search including over 200 volunteers working alongside the law enforcement agencies were happy he can get to face the law.

Who is Tanner Horner Lynn?

Aged 31, a self-acclaimed musician who likes to call himself “Aspie and Metalhead” on his Facebook profile. A former drummer at Walmart who worked in the popular “Buried a Lie” art as well as at Albertsons.

He had his high school education at Azle High School. Aside from working as a contract driver for FedEx, not much is known about his biography but a Facebook post made in 2019 accused him of rape.

The lady who made this rape allegation went on to narrate how he forced himself on her some 8 years ago when she was just 16. Lots of photos of him on Facebook showed him holding babies.

The Sherriff confirmed that the suspect made a delivery close to the deceased girl’s house from his confession which may have been where he orchestrated his plans from. Tanner however denied prior knowledge of the deceased or her family.

Heartbroken Mrs. Maitlyn also denied previous knowledge of the accused person but relies on the law to get justice for her daughter.

FedEx Driver Horner’s Charges:

He is being charged with aggravated abduction and capital murder of a 7year old girl. He is currently held on a bond of $1.5 million.

Where was Athena’s Body Seen?

fedex driver abducts girl in texas

According to the Sherrif, her body was discovered along County Road in Texas, days after getting abducted at her family house driveway in Paradise Texas.

How he was caught? Did he confess?

The authorities were tipped that the said driver came to Strand’s home same time the under-10-year-old murdered girl disappeared. FedEx worked with the enforcement agency to track and arrest him.

While in custody he confessed to kidnapping and killing her. We however didn’t get information as to how he killed her or his motive. She may likely have died after sustaining a hit by this inhumane driver.

Likely Punishment for Horner

If found guilty he will most likely get capital punishment for murder and kidnap.


Things that happens in recent times, surprise even the devil. No matter what must have pushed him into taking the life of this little defenseless girl, he should face the full weight of the law though the life and the future of the girl ended prematurely cannot be replaced.


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