Athina Onassis Biography, Height, Weight, Career, Award & Net Worth

This article is about the biography of Athina Onassis and covers the wiki profile of this wonderful personality, real age, family, relationship, education, career, and net worth.   

Who is Athina Onassis?

This amazing equestrian and heiress of  French-greek descent is Aristotle Onassis (greek shipping magnate) only surviving descendant. She is also the only child of Christina Onassis (Aristotle’s Daughter).  Her real name is Athina Helene Roussel.

Full/Real Name Athina Helen Roussel
Gender Female
Age 36 years old
Date of Birth 12/01/1985
Place of Birth France (American Hospital of Paris)
Height 1.7m (5'6")
Weight 64kg
Marital Status/

Alvaro Neto Affonso 

de Miranda (Divorced 2017)

Children No
Uncle Lt Alexander Onassis
Parents Christina Onassis(mom),
Thierry Roussel (dad), Lamdhage (Step mom))
Relationship N/A
Sexual Orientation Straight
Education Lussy-Sur-Morges
Lesbian No
Awards Yes
Siblings Yes (3) Christopher, Sanderine & Johanna
Zodiac Aquarius
Career Equestrian
Net Worth $1.6 Billion, $833333/month(salary)
Eye & Hair Color     Light brown
Source of wealth     Inheritance


Age & Date of Birth:

She was born on the 29th day of 1985 and aged 36 years as at when this article was written in 2022.

Place of Birth:

She was born in France at American Hospital of Paris, Neuilly Sur-Seine.

Athina Onassis Height:

 1.7m (170cm) 5’6”


62kg( 137Ibs)



Eye Colour:

 Light brown

Hair Colour:

 Light brown

Family & Parents

Her parents are Christina Onassis (Mum) and her 4th husband (Thierry Roussel). The marriage didn’t last long, they got separated after Roussell’s Mistress, Gaby Landhage, a Swedish model had two kids for him. Christina later died a year after they divorced in 1988 from complications of pulmonary edema.

It was Roussel and Landhage who raised Athina as both lovers became joined together. Poor Athina was only 3 years old when her mother died.

Siblings: 3

She had 3 half-siblings from her father’s affair with landhage, their names are Christopher, Sandrine, and Johanna Roussel.

Marital Life

In 2005 she got married to Alvaro Affonso de Miranda Neto, a professional showjumper who won the Olympic gold medal twice. The marriage didn’t last long just like that of her parents, in 2017 she and her husband separated.

Miranda and Athina’s divorce was also a result of infidelity from her husband. The divorce took a long run of legal battles as the couple had investments (horses) together. It was however settled in November 2017.


The Roussels lived in Switzerland then and Athina had her early education here. She attended Lussy-sur-Morges. She passed her baccalaureat meritoriously in 2003 after doing a preparatory class in Brussels Germany.


She is a professional equestrian and participated in Global Champions tour select events as a competitive showjumper.  She even came second at an event that was held in Jerez Spain as a child in the year 2001.


Athina Onassis Biography
When the Avlona Riding Club event came that was held in Athens, she represented the greek team with her name “Athina Onassis”. This event took place in 2012 November. She suffered a spinal injury during this event after she lost her balance while riding her horse and fell with her back.

Despite her previous ordeal in 2013, she represented Greece again during the European Show Jumping championship and Word championship that was held in 2014.

Another legacy she kept for herself is being the patroness of the Global champions tour.

In 2007 she started her own showjumping competition called “the Athina Onassis International Horse Show” with its headquarters in Sao Paulo before it moved to Rio de Janeiro (2009) and Saint-topez (2014) at Pampelonne beach.

She also began a horse training and breeding business (AD Sports Horse) alongside her then-husband, this led her to acquire a $ 12 million 2.3 hectares of land in Wellington Florida, the USA where she erected an estate and a barn. She later sold the estate for $12.75 million in April of 2017.


She won a number as a showjumper and as the owner of AD Sports Horse which handles horse training and breeding.

Athina Onassis Net Worth

Athina Onassis has an estimated net worth of $1 billion dollars and a monthly salary of $833,333, in 2015 she was referred to as the richest girl in the world but how did she become so rich?

She is the only heiress of Christina Onassis who got 55% of Aristotle Onassis's fortune while the remaining 45% was paid into a foundation established for her late uncle who died in 1973.

Athina was only 7 when this happen, and despite being young she was a billionaire. This is why most of the media referred to Athina as a billionaire heiress.

Christina who didn’t trust Roussel fully put administrators in charge of managing the funds till Athina come of age.  She was only able to take over her mother’s inheritance on her 18th birthday.

 When she turned 21 she fought to be named president of the Onassis foundation which however lost, the board had argued that she wasn’t an heir to Aristotle Onassis but Alexander Onassis and that had no connection with greek religion, language, or culture. Also that she lacks work experience and never attended school.

How she made her money

Most of her wealth came from inheritance.


Athina Onassis Biography and net worth is an inspiring tale of good fortune how she defied all odds to pain her name in the sands of history is one that generations to come will learn about and be proud.

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