Shokz Headphones Review: Trusted Best Bone Conduction Headphone brand in the World, Benefits, Costs, Pros and Cons.

This article covers the Shotz headphones review, it is your go-to guide for these wonderful bone conduction headphones. We will cover what it is, how it works, its pros and cons and how it compares to similar products.

Shokz headphones review

A product that boasts of 7K+ 5 stars reviews is worth reviewing as many shoppers will be interested in knowing all the nitty-gritty of the product and why it dominates online carts.

What is a Shokz headphone?

Shokz is a popular bone conduction type of headphones that is currently rivaling traditional earphones. According to Techradar, the Shokz open run a product of Shokz is the second-best bone conduction headphones available for sportsmen and women.

Shokz headphones

These headphones can be used to make and receive phone calls and pair well with Bluetooth devices and smartphones. They also have good noise canceling capabilities which is what every good earpiece and headphone should have.

Shokz openrun Pro review

It has a unique slim design with lite weight and good battery life and it’s a popular choice among many headphone lovers. The Shokz Openrun pro is credited with the best battery life lasting up to 10 hours after charging.

The company is a well-known brand for bone conduction headphones and was formerly known as Aftershokz until December 2021 when it became “Shokz”.  People use the two names interchangeably as they refer to the same company and have no obvious difference.

The brand changed its name to help simplify and make it easy for people to remember and share with their loved ones.

The brand isn’t one of the fast-rising Chinese tech companies but rather an American tech hub establishment that was birthed in New York in 2011 and has lived up to the hype in bone conduction technology.

Many wonders why bone conduction headphones are highly priced and why the tech world thinks highly of them.

Are bone conduction headphones worth it?

Yes, they work by bypassing the external and middle ear to transmit sounds which can be very helpful in individuals with hearing loss. These headphones can help them appreciate sounds better.

Normally air conductions are better than bone for sound waves but in the presence of an impairment devices that work via the bone conduction system like Shokz can be very helpful.

Those who have hearing impairments localized in the external and middle ear will benefit so much by using Shokz products. The Aeropex Aftershokz is highly recommended for deaf people with conductive problems.

The downside of the product is the fear that repeated exposure to high-pitched sounds may damage the cochlear of the inner ear and can be the main culprit in the genesis of hearing impairment.


How Shokz headphones work

The norm is for sounds to travel through the air to the eardrums but AfterShokz headphones are built differently. They work via transmission of sounds in the form of vibrations through the jaw and head bones which is why the technology is popularly referred to as bone conduction technology. It bypasses the external and middle ear to send sound signals directly to the inner ear.

These headphones enable people with conductive hearing defects to appreciate sounds again and this is the technology that is used in most hearing aids. Also, there are prospects of relief from tinnitus utilizing this technology.

They are not built as hearing aids but can be used in people with hearing defects, especially when used alongside Petralex a hearing aid app.

The frequency of sound transmitted by these devices is usually higher than the traditional in-ear or over-ear headphones ranging from 20-20000Hz.

Shokz work in the same manner that sea mammals underwater use to appreciate sounds.  Beethoven, a popular music composer used it to make his music, after he developed hearing loss. Beethoven who was limited by hearing impairment began holding his conducting baton with his teeth as he played piano and this made it possible for him to hear notes in the form of vibrations as they travel down to his inner ear.

The sounds from Shokz devices travel through the bones to the Cochlear (inner ear) in the form of vibration, the brain interprets the vibrations, in the same manner, it would have done for air-conducted sound waves and makes it possible for us to hear well.

With this technology those with conductive defects can still hear and appreciate nature, the devices come as headsets and headphones. Compared with over-ear or in-ear headphones for people with these conditions, they are the better option.

They work well and are more hygienic than in-ear headphones, germs don’t travel from ear to speakers.

A lot of what we know in history shows the use of this technology in the animal kingdom long before Aftershokz commercialized it. Baleen whales hear vibrations that travel in their skull. Elephants stamp their foot on the ground sending seismic vibrations through the ground which help them communicate with other elephants many miles away.


Are aftershokz headphones good?

The products from Shokz have similar features and we will be considering the Shokz open run pro which is the most popular product from the company. It is also the best product from Aftershokz.

1.       It works on 9th generation bone conduction Turbopitch technology

2.       Openrun pro has two bass enhancements

3.       It has an open ear fit and situational awareness feature.

4.       Provides high-quality premium sound

5.       10 hours of battery life for music and calls.

6.       It is water resistant utilizing IP55 technology.

7.       Can be charged quickly.

8.       Smaller than previous devices

9.       Has a microphone with dual noise canceling feature.

10.   It comes with a carrying case

11.   Has a magnetic charging cable.

12.   Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity feature, can connect up to 10m away.

13.   Others can’t hear the sounds you play on your device, sound leakage is achieved using Leakslayer technology.

14.   It has a standard size

15.   Cost around $179.95

Other products from Shokz :

Below are some of the popular  products listed in no particular order:

1. Open ear wireless bone conduction headphone

2. Wireless bone conduction earphone

3. Wireless sports Bluetooth 5.0

4. Shokz open run

5. Shokz OpenComm wireless bone conduction

6. Shokz Aeropex wireless

7. Shokz Air wireless open-ear sport

8. Shokz OpenMove Wireless bone conduction

9. Bone conduction headphone

10. Aftershokz air bone conduction

11. Aftershokz Xtrainerz

12. Aftershokz openMove Alpine White

13. Openswim swimming mp3


Frequently asked the question:

1.       What are the health benefits of Shokz: The situational awareness feature is the first health benefit that this product offers. Other claims say they are better for hearing health compared to over-ear and in-ear headphones. They don’t drive in the air to the eardrums which is what damages ear drums with repeated exposure to high volumes.

2.       Who needs Shokz devices?  Those with tinnitus or hearing loss, swimmers, cyclists, runners or walkers. Those addicted to music at work. Also, audiophiles and those who want maximum noise canceling will enjoy bone conduction headphones.


Pros and cons of Shokz bone conduction headphones

Shokz bone conduction headphone

This review won't be complete without considering the pros and cons which we will talk about below:


1.       Perfect for situational awareness

2.       Lightweight

3.       Very comfortable to the ear

4.       Fast charge feature

5.       Water resistant can withstand moisture using IP55

6.       Good value for money with quality sound

7.       Connects up to 10m away

8.       Battery can last up to 10 hours for Shokz open run pro.

9.       Stays on longer and better than most wireless earbuds

10.   Aeropex has clearer and more crisp vocals

11.   Sounds are better balanced.

12.   Cancels noise

13.   Easy connectivity and usage

14.   Very secure

15.   Leader of the bone conduction headphones

16.   Completely wireless

17.   Not associated with ear wax build-up and infections.


 Some of the Shokz bone conduction headphone side effects are outlined below:

1.       Doesn’t have storage for music

2.       Occasional sound outage

3.       May vibrate at high volumes

4.       May cause hearing impairment with cochlear damage

5.       Maybe expensive

6.       Sound may be tinny.

7.       Audio quality is not as immersive as other ear headphones, for example, Apple’s Airpods pro sound a lot better.

8.       May cause tinnitus

9.       Needs regular charging

10.   Others may hear what you’re listening to


Other products that work similarly to Shokz technology are:

1.       Padmate S30

2.       Zygo solo

3.       Mojawa Mojo1

4.       Pyle Bluetooth

5.       Bose frames tempo

6.       Vidonn f1 sports



We have covered a concise review highlighting its pros and cons and why it is the world's number one brand for bone conduction devices.

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