Ejiro Otarigho Biography: Not all superheroes wear capes, how a fuel tanker driver risk his life to save an entire community from Inferno

 Superheroes are not only the ones we watch on TV or those who wear capes. Some humans are truly heroes. Today we consider Mr Ejiro Otarigho biography, a man who put his life in the line to save an entire community from a petrol tanker fire. 

Ejiro Otarigho Biography

Usually we are advised to calculate our own risk before exhibiting this kind of bravery act or embark on rescue mission but this man here risk everything just to avoid more persons from becoming victims of circumstances.

 Ejiro Otarigho's heroics saved the lives of hundreds Nigerians and prevented loss and  destruction of properties and investments that run into hundreds of millions.

How did he save lives and properties? 

 This tanker driver, while driving his tanker loaded with products an incident ensued that got the tanker in flames;what he did will shock many. 

Rather than alight and abandon the burning truck to save his head like most people would do, he chose to sacrifice himself to save others. 

He kept driving not minding he risk losing his life to the inferno from the burning tanker that was fully loaded with petroleum products. The incident started in the dense and populated part of Delta  community in Agbarho, he knew if the inferno escalated so many lives will be lost so he aimed to drive the tanker to an uninhabited area that didn't have people and houses. 

The chances that he can get caught up by flames didn't deter him, according to him his death would have been a sacrifice to save humanity. 

His act of love for humanity is verifiable and was even captured on camera by onlookers. His labour of love went viral, no wonder on every social media his name is seen trending.

His bravery is a story that needs to be told to generations to come, history books needs to do him some favour for protecting business, properties and lives. 

If you ask me,  Ejiro Otarigho deserves a merit award or gold medal for saving mankind. 

Did he come out alive? 

All the while we didn't say if he got caught up by the fire, we spent most of the time hailing his heroics. 

As God may have it he worked out of the vehicle safe, as seen on the picture he came out safe. The minor injuries he sustained is being attended to in the hospital close-by where the incident happened. 

Below is the Biography of Ejiro Otarigho the fuel tanker superhero 


Ejiro Otarigho is delta state based fuel tanker driver driver, one of the kindest Nigerians you will ever get to know. 


He is an average man,  we don't have details of his height. 

Weight: 70Kg

Eye color: Dark brown 

Hair Colour: Black hair


 Nigerian from Delta State. 

Which community is he from: He is from Ughelli in Delta State. Nigeria

Age: Early 40s

Date of Birth: Not Known

Place of birth: 

He was born in Delta State. 


He is the son of Chief and Mrs Otarigho

Where is he from: Delta
Where he grew up:
He grew up in warri city in Delta State

Personal life: 

He is a family man, who drives petroleum tanker to make a living for himself, wife and lovely children. 


He attended primary and secondary school education in Warri, Delta State. 

We however do not have details of the university education. 


He is a professional driver who delivers his duty diligently. 

Marriage, Relationship and Family:

He is a family man, married and marriage is blessed with two lovely kids. 
Net worth 


We have gone through the Ejiro Otarigho biography and how he became a superhero by saving the lives of Agbarho community dwellers, their properties and businesses. This kind of personalities deserves to be on national merit awards. 

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