7 Reasons You Don't Need An Instagram Account And How To Delete It

If you have decided that you want to do away with it once and for all this is how to delete your Instagram account. The exact steps that will help you accomplish this will be discussed below. Previously deleting your Instagram app was very easy but this day's Meta has changed a lot of things such that you may not be able to delete Instagram even on your mobile app.
But wait a minute let us consider why you might want to do away with your Instagram app.

Why you may consider deleting your Instagram app?

1. Instagram is not the thing for you
How to delete instagram account
Maybe you’ve thought it through and you discover Instagram isn’t the app for you. It doesn’t perfectly fit into your routine, flair, or what you want to be associated with.
Sometimes you may have downloaded a particular app because of peer pressure or someone close who didn’t have access to smartphones for one reason or the other,  gets the stuff into your phone and you consider it a waste of phone memory for you.

It could also mean you don't enjoy using it nor spend time on it then it simply means this app is not for you and you might consider the right way to do away with it.

When the installed Instagram account on your phone doesn’t serve any purpose for you even if its for past time then it’s time to do away with and delete it.

2. It steals your sleep

Is your Instagram account stealing your sleeping time by keeping you awake all day, following events that the app throws at you right-left, and center?

It's not a problem if the time spent on the app is making you more productive or adding value to your life. If on the contrary, it steals your time to rest leaving you weak, tired, and less productive to face the next day’s task then it's time to divorce your Instagram account.

You are aware that quality sleep is one of the prerequisites to becoming more productive. And if Instagram or any other social media is stealing the little time you’ve got to rest then you should do away with it. A lot of sleeping disorders today, are linked to how much time we spend on our phones, especially at night.

Deleting Instagram, if it’s the reason for your poor sleep habit can help take care of the situation. Your health will be thankful you took this decision to always offer your body the best available rest daily.

It takes away your phone's memory

If your phone memory is low and drags all the time you might consider doing away with certain apps.
If the app takes up too much space in your phone and it bothers you then you should consider deleting the app.
By storing cache info, so as to function better and faster on the next use it eats up your phone RAM space. You know how important your phone space can be, especially if you use android just like. To salvage your phone memory it won’t be a bad idea to take out the app that eats up your phone memory.

It’s a big distraction for your relationship

Too many young people especially females show off too much skin on this app and this can be a problem if you are in a committed relationship. Not everyone can withstand this temptation and remain faithful to their partner.

Some even go as far as showing some unthinkable images on live video. My advice is if you can’t stand the heat of the kitchen like they say, the best advice would be to leave the kitchen.
Every other attraction that pushes you away from your special somebody is not for me and should be dealt with early enough.

Don’t get me wrong browsing Instagram to see pictures of beautiful people is not wrong, it becomes wrong when it makes your partner less attractive to you. If what you see on Instagram becomes an obsession, it can cause a lot of problems for you so my best advice to you will be to leave and we will help you delete your Instagram account.

It drains your data

If your budget is low on data then you should consider leaving Instagram. Even on Instagram lite, the app still saps your data. If you’re considering cutting down on your data expenses, also consider deleting your Instagram account.

It steals your peace of mind

The fake life over there can entice you making you feel you have underachieved in life no matter what you have. This can fuel jealousy and bad energy.
If this is the case then it's time to let go.

It stunts your spiritual growth

A lot of the things we view on Instagram can stagnate your spiritual life and keep you within the cycle of sin. If you find that your time on Instagram is not helping you grow spiritually then it's time to delete your Instagram but if it fits perfectly into the picture of what you want for your spiritual edification then this post on how to delete your Instagram account is not for you.

Ways you can delete your Instagram?

Basically, two ways are available to get the job done and do away with your Instagram app.


Deleting the app from your phone should have been the simplest way just that this option is not available for everyone. You can check your profile to see if it will work for you; simply go to the top-right menu, and click on Settings. Then Account, and continue till you get to the bottom and look out for “Delete Account”. 

Those who have the delete option can tap it and will be greeted with a prompt confirming if you wish to disable or delete their account. Once you press delete, a message pops up reminding you that once done, your account will still be available for a certain period of time in case you wish to recover the deleted Instagram account.

To continue deleting your Instagram account, you need to tap the continue button and the rest of the process will be completed by the app.
If this option doesn’t work for you then you might consider the next one we’ll discuss below.


If it doesn’t work on the app then you have to follow this second approach to delete your Instagram account. These steps can be done using a computer or a phone, so far it has a browser. 
On your address bar visit Instagram’s special page for account removal here or visit the help article link on account deletion here for Instagram. It will require you to log in to Instagram with your login credentials.

The process requires you to verify your password twice to complete the deletion process, this measure is to afford you some time to think through your decision to leave the app.

 A page pops up asking you to confirm if you want to delete your Instagram account. This page has various help articles linked to Instagram depending on your selection. If you choose to go on with the deletion process, it will only ask you to confirm the password and click on delete, confirm and you’re done.

Instagram allows you 30 days before erasing your data, in this period you can undo the account deletion process and get back on Instagram if you change your mind. Your profile and posts remain invisible during this period. If the divorce with Instagram is for long then remember to do away with the mobile app as well and save some phone memory, this also helps you overcome the compulsion of coming back to the platform.


After 30 days you can’t recover your account again, the grace period is over and Instagram has deleted your account. To get back on the app you have to create another account, your previous username is available for reuse after deleting, but if someone else has taken it then it's gone.

During this 30-day period, accounts are recoverable alongside their posts, followers, and DMs. You can recover your Instagram account by simply going back to Instagram and entering your login credentials. 

A message pops up saying that you have requested your account which was undergoing the deletion process, it also reminds you of the date when it will be finally deleted if no action is taken, it also tells you when you will lose all data. To recover the account you have to press the “Keep Account” menu.


You can remove your account temporarily from public view by suspending it rather than deleting it which will permanently delete all your data including photos, messages, groups, and followers.
This feature is available on the web version, Meta in their wisdom decided to make it unavailable for app.

You only need to login to and click on “edit profile” then “Disable account temporarily”. They will require you to give a reason for suspension and you will be asked to enter your password for verification.


We have considered why you might want to do away with your Instagram account and how to get it done, how to recover it within the 30 days period, and how to suspend your account temporarily. Instagram is a nice platform for socializing but if it no longer meets your needs then consider deleting the app.

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