How Safe are Cucumbers for Dogs; an important secret for pet owners…

This crunchy vegetable isn't a bad option for a pet dog owner looking to explore more feeding options for their pet and cucumber for dogs comes with lots of benefits. 

 It comes with lots of accompanying goodnesses, nutrients, and water which is very safe for dogs and puppies. We shall consider this topic based on the following outlines.


Can dogs eat cucumbers?

Is Cucumber bad for Dogs? A lot of research and practical experience has been put into adopting it for dog feeds and lots of the emphasis is on how it is prepared for dogs rather than safety because it is healthy for both man and pet animals. They are low on calories, salt and sugar so dogs wanting to shed some weight and stay fit will do well with them. 

benefits of Cucumber for dogs

Can dogs eat cucumbers? 

 Yes,  dogs can eat cucumbers. Raw or its peels are safe and can be fed to dogs. Composed of 96% water and feeding to dogs, will help keep your pets hydrated all day. Even as humans we know the benefits of hydration to our body and so also it is for pets and this is achievable by feeding your dog cucumbers. 

    A quick search on the best vegetable for dogs, to your amazement you'd always find it listed. The health benefits in dogs which we'll consider below will explain why your dogs need to eat more of it.

Benefits of cucumbers for Dogs 

  1. Hydration:

As early mentioned, pet eating it, is a good way to stay hydrated. owing to the high water content in these vegetables. We all know how much water can boost digestion,  enzymatic reactions, and body metabolism and give us radiant skin and optimal functioning of body organs. 

  1. Weight Loss

For pets and dog owners looking for ways to help their dog lose weight in a healthy way.  Feeding pets with it can help obese dogs shed some weight which is an ideal way to stay healthy even for dogs.

3. They are high in Vitamin K

Vitamin K is important in the cascade of events that helps blood clotting after injury by activating clotting factors. Dogs fed cucumbers upregulate body contents of vitamin K which is very useful in hemostasis and wound healing. This also adds strength and vigor to their bones. 

    4. Handle bad breath in dogs

    This is a very important benefit to your dog. If your pets have some awful breaths that just won't go away then I have good news for you. Have them eat cucumbers and you'll say goodbye to bad breath.

They do so by enhancing digestion and eliminating the bad bacteria in the guts that cause bad breath in dogs. Also, the phytonutrients and phytochemicals in it help kill bacteria in the mouth of dogs making them ideal for halitosis in dogs. 

    5. Dogs with Kidney Disease 

    They are perfect for dogs in this category. Dietary requirements for dogs with kidney disease include low salt,  phosphorus, and protein feed and this is where cucumber comes in.  They also have essential minerals and vitamins that help promote optimal function of the kidneys and liver.  The diuretic function is very helpful in dogs with reduced urinary output. 

Best ways to prepare

    Serving it to dogs is achieved in a number of ways and should be prepared using the best practices to make it safer for dogs. This is how to get it done the right way. 

  1. Make sure you are feeding your dog organic cucumbers. 

When it comes to cucumbers for dogs then you must avoid the inorganic type as much as possible. This type has traces of chemicals and pesticides that can kill your dogs, unlike the organic types.

    Organic types are healthier, and cleaner, and farming is more sustainable than inorganic types. If you're feeding them the right type you'd rest assured you're giving them the best for optimal health and not a poison in disguise. 

  1. Wash very well before feeding. 

    The journey from farms to your home or from the market to your home can contaminate it with harmful germs.  Make sure you wash them very well in clean water before feeding them to dogs. This reduces the chances of getting sick after consuming these vegetables. 

  1. Cooked or Raw is perfect for dogs

Whether you decide to give them raw or cooked is up to you. Both types can be fed to dogs.

    Note that while cooking them is safe, it can rob them of some nutrients which would have been useful in your dog. Also, some cooking methods can enrich it as well, the summary of it is how you get it done. 

  1. Seasoning can be bad for your dogs

In preparing it for dogs always keep it simple and natural. They are very rich in sodium and adding more can their gastrointestinal tract and give rise to unintended problems. 

  1. Don't do it too much

    Inasmuch as the benefits are enormous, don't do it too much. Feeding your pets every day with it can be counterproductive especially if it is not given alongside other tasteful fruits, vegetables, and meals for dogs. Remember variety is the spice of life and eating one thing every day can be tiring even for dogs. Fruits and vegetables like cucumber should make up 15-20% of your dog feeds. 

  1. Use Cucumbers as incentives for your dogs. 

    Do you remember Pavlov's law of conditioned learning in biology?  If you do that's beautiful. You can apply the same to teach your dogs new tricks and reward them with slices each time they undertake a task properly. 

Side effects

  1. Cucumber Allergy in Dogs

    Dogs with sensitive stomachs can come down with various manifestations of allergy after consuming some of it. This is worse if it's the first time or consumed in excess. Some of the worrisome symptoms are abdominal ache, bloating, hives, swelling of buffalo mucosa, and diarrhea.

        2. Choking

Feeding them lots of it can be dangerous as it can make them choke, so make sure you feed them the optimum that is required and not give them excess.

In summary, we can say they are safe for dogs and should be given in optimal proportions so as to get the best from this vegetable.

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