7 Yoga Poses to help you poop fast 2022

This can be so troubling, and the difficulty with passing stool is usually discomforting and painful.

The stool becomes so hard that you can’t let them out easily without having to strain, go through excruciating pains, bleed or cause your rectum to protrude downwards, this protrusion of the rectum is called hemorrhoid and it comes in different degrees.

Yet many don't know you can use yoga to relieve constipation and get fast relief.


Poop difficulty that isn’t taken care of can constitute problems and predispose the sufferer to complications like developing groin hernias.

Yoga for Constipation treatment


So many therapies are available for this condition, and we have orthodox and unorthodox methods of treatment. 

Some of these treatments will require correcting the risk factors that put you at risk for this condition.

 Having a poorly chewed diet or poor water intake will particularly put you at risk of indigestion and constipation. 

Some treatment options for this condition may turn around and cause you diarrhea which is yet another problem but by using yoga you'll achieve resolution with little to no side effects.

 In this article, we are considering how you can manage it and get fast relief. 

What is Yoga?

It is gotten from yuj, a sanskrit word that simply means putting together, together here refers to body, mind, and soul considered in healing illnesses and achieving optimum health.

 It has evolved from just being some kind of physical exercise to being utilized in many conditions. 

In this case, we shall be considering various ways we can use it to bring balance to the body and poop.

 If you have been battling this ailment then consider some of the  poses which will be covered below. 

Some are more difficult to perform and may require the help of your instructor, take caution so as to not go beyond your limits.  This instructor will guide you all the way through.


Yoga Poses for Constipation Relief

1. Half Twist Your Spine While Sitting:

This pose has been found useful in improving digestive functions, posture, and overall well-being, a soft surface or preferably a yoga mat is required.  The individual will sit down with both legs straight out then the right leg is bent and the foot placed just lateral to the left knee. The left lower limb is folded towards the hip on the opposite side. This posture is sustained for a short while. It helps in aiding the movement of bulk down the gastrointestinal tract.

 2. Spinal Twist while lying supine:

While lying flat with outstretched arms, shoulders,s, and palms flat on the ground. Apply flexion at one of the knee joints of either leg and twist it sideways with your palms, arms and shoulder still fixed to the ground or flat surface. This Supine twist enhances gut blood flow, peristalsis, and waste removal. 

3. Standing Lunge Twist:

Another name for this is Crescent Lunge Twist, here the person stands and twists the torso also aiding bowel movements.

4. Cobra-like Pose

This pose is very helpful in gas expulsion, doesn't involve twisting, and the individual layers on their stomach pose just like a cobra as the name implies. The palms are placed firmly on the floor and the legs are flat pointing outwards. You gently lift the head and neck and back to the ground. The lifting action tenses the muscles of the abdomen and legs. The tensed abdominal muscles improve digestion and peristalsis. 

5. Wall pose:

The legs are inverted and placed on the wall, and a towel cushion is placed under the hips to reduce friction and pain. The person stays in this position as long as they can bear it.

6. Recumbent Pose:

This is a kind of winding pose, the individual lays flat on the floor with flexion at the hip and knee joint in the knee-chest position, the hands are held over the shin firmly and the back is pulled back and front to touch the floor. This is another means to expel gas. The individual is encouraged to stay as much as they can withstand.

7. Bow Yoga Pose:

More like the opposite of the winding pose. The individual lies on their stomach and stretches backward to reach for their shin with both hands. This pose is also helpful works by letting out gas.

Important Considerations:

Despite its potency in aiding bowel movement, I strongly advise you don’t replace your Yoga exercises with your need for doctors as they are specially trained to handle this and other conditions that have to do with your health.

Don’t overindulge in it when your condition becomes intractable as this can be an early sign of irritable bowel syndrome.

The long-standing condition can put you at risk of anal tears and hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are of different types and the major degree type usually is amenable to surgery.

Problems with poo that refuses to go away can make your abdominal walls weak from excessive straining to poo and in turn, give you hernias.

 A good number of inguinal hernias have this and chronic cough as major risk factors. 

This can be prevented if well managed early enough by seeking help from physicians and in addition to these poses and exercises, not forgetting other supportive therapies.

 Some Home Remedies for Constipation that blends well with Yoga:

There are available home remedies that can help solve your bowel problems. Increasing the bulk and fiber contents of your diet, taking more fruits and vegetables, and consumption of Oranges, bananas, cucumbers, and their likes will help soften your stool and increase bowel movement.

 Side effects 

Yoga exercises can be strenuous and it's not advised for persons who have medical contraindications to it.

 If you are at risk of fractures like it's seen in post-menopausal women you have no business doing it as this can leave you in the orthopedic inward bed for a long time.

When to see a doctor?

Also, avoid self-medication as some medicine if abused can give you diarrhea which is yet another life-threatening condition if not properly handled.

 I’ve had a patient who presented days after having Acute watery Diarrhoea that wasn’t properly handled.

 The aged man had come in with renal failure which ended his life prematurely

Visit your doctor as soon as possible if your health becomes worrisome, delay can be fatal. 

Your knowledge of Yoga should be a bonus to the body of knowledge domiciled with your physicians use both to your advantage.


In Summary, these poses are particularly helpful in causing the bowels to move more, causing gases to exit the gastrointestinal tract, improving digestion, and helping you poop fast.  This benefit has an overall impact in helping relieve you pass stool.


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