How To Take Care of a Sad Person

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We go through different emotions all the time and our loved ones are not left out of this, at different times we are faced with sadness either within us or the people around us.

Dealing with sad people can be so daunting that we need to do it carefully as we can end up being helpful or we get our share of transferred aggression. 

Based on the above, I deemed it necessary to write on this topic of how to take care of a sad person. This article will help us understand the chemistry behind sadness and how best to handle it and get that your loved one out of that blue mood.

 When one is unhappy or sober due to disappointment, grief, or discouragement we can say such a person is sad. People react differently to this, some act like they don’t care, others try their best to kick start this sad person’s mood again while the rest can in turn get sad as well as this low mood can be transferred. This low mood can be part of a complex called depression.


Sadness is a strong negative emotion that is considered normal to feel once in a while and it's a natural way of reminding you of your need for comfort and help from the people around you. 

You’re not considered abnormal if you have occasional bouts of sadness. Rather some actions you indulge in when you’re sad may be abnormal and uncalled for. 

Actions like harming yourself or loved ones, destroying properties, or constituting a nuisance. Even the law holds you accountable for actions taken in anger.

 Common Causes of Sadness:

Different things can be the reason that person you’re looking for how to manage their emotion is sad. They include:

1. That person can be suffering from any form of rejection, from loved ones, family, opportunities, or acceptance from people.

2. Recurrent misfortunes

3. Ill health or chronic disease

4. Permanent disability

5. Bereavement

6. Loss of loved ones or properties.

7. Loss of investment

8. Victims of scam investment schemes.

 How to recognize a sad person

How can I make sadness happy?

Sadness can be vocalized or symbolized by facial appearance. A lot of muscles are involved in expressing a sad face. 

From the person’s tone of voice even over the phone you can tell if they’re sad or their physical outlook. It is very difficult to fake sadness as only a few persons can successfully manipulate their facial muscles to act sadness. 

A sad person usually keeps a particular posture that depicts sadness, progressive loss of tone in muscles, and looks away and beneath the earth. 

How to comfort people when they’re sad

The ability to see sadness and recognize it is angelic. Being able to lend a helping hand to see someone come out of sadness could be life-saving. By doing this you may have saved a soul without knowing it. Below I have itemized ways  to take care of a sad person

1. Offer a helping hand

Most times the reason why someone is sad isn’t far-fetched so just examine carefully and find how to come in. Show the person your zeal to help and you’ll be amazed how the bad vibes will disappear.

 It could be offering a lift to someone stranded and once they are able to achieve their full potential or reach their destination despite their limitations, the spell of sadness will disappear. 

You can offer a blanket to someone cold, food to the hungry, listening ear to someone in distress. There is no limit to how much you can offer to see a smile on someone’s face.

2. Sit the sad person in a comfortable sit

Just like you do, a lot of people see things clearer while sitting in a calm environment. Try calming the nerves of the sad person by offering them a comfortable sit, this also goes a long way to show that you’re willing and ready to listen to them. A listening ear can calm a troubled soul.

3. Play their favorite music

After you’ve succeeded in getting the sad person to sit with you, if you know them too well you can shift their mind from what’s causing sadness by playing their favorite movie. 

This works in a dramatic fashion as the sad person can be seen to readjust their mood quickly. This can also help heal the person from sadness. When you forget what aches your heart you see life from a totally new perspective.  

Another thing you can do is to take this person to the cinema to see that movie they have been itching to see.

4. Play their favorite music

Music has the power to repair, heal and take away secret pains. Choose the music carefully paying attention to what this person previously likes and what addresses their emotional needs. 

The goal is to find something the person is passionate about that can distract him or her from the untold internal pains that breed sadness.

5. Send him or her a credit alert

If you can afford this then money can do the magic, the joy that flows from money can be very electrifying and orgasmic. Haven’t you been in a low mood and your phone beeps and something tangible dropped in your account?

 I am certain that the alert factory reset your mood. Money is a great stimulant for joy. If you’ve tried calling the person’s phone line and he isn't picking up because he is sad why not try his bank account number and notice the difference. 

6. Show the sad person some love

Express love to this person you recognized as sad. Don’t withhold, give him or her a big hug, let them find comfort in your arms, go all out to wipe their tears, and make them feel loved and accepted, in so doing you instill positive vibes in them and brighten up their mood.

7. Make them their favorite meal or take them to their favorite restaurant. When you satisfy the appetite with something sumptuous, you quench that big burning sadness. 

So make it up to this person by making them a great meal if you’re in that position for example you’re trying to help your spouse overcome sadness or take him or her to their perceived favorite restaurant.

8. Accept responsibility if you’re wrong and are the cause of their sadness.

If you can show remorse when you’re wrong and can easily say sorry. You’ll help the sad person heal fast knowing that the cause of the problem has been addressed. 

9. Pray for the sad person

Prayer still works, you can hand over the sad person to God and you’ll be surprised at how efficacious this can be. I hope these steps were useful to you.

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