A Simple Step-By-Step Guide To Making A Whole Roasted Cauliflower Recipe

whole roasted cauliflower recipe tahiniIf going Vegan is the thing for you then you have to go the way of cauliflower recipes. This is a bang when it comes to vegan recipes. For lovers of vegetables, this can be your main dish.

Adding Parmesan to this meal will add color, flavor, and an edible taste. Say you had an issue with your spouse, and you are looking for that favorite meal to appease and soften his heart, then you consider roasted cauliflower, baked cauliflower, or its other forms. 

This recipe entails garnishing your whole cauliflower with a sauce of garlic and Parmesan and this usually comes out great.

This vegan recipe is an easy meal to make and can be ready in 45 minutes of cooking. See also: Health Benefits of Lentil Bolognese


It's hard to trace back the history of this great vegan recipe, especially the way it is now everywhere on the tables of vegans and lovers of vegetables. What is known to us is that it got popularized by a Shabbat and a celebrity chef from Israel.

Nutritional value of roasted cauliflower whole

Nutritional value 

Cauliflower which is the major ingredient in this dish has myriad benefits to our health. Its nutritional value will impress you a lot. It is a very rich source of fiber and helps in bowel consistency and formation.

It has a good number of antioxidants, these antioxidants are helpful in the body's immune defense mechanism, remove free radicals and help prevent oncogenic factors that put us at risk of cancers.

Cauliflower vegan meals are very important for weight loss, it can help you achieve your desired health. A study conducted at Pardue University linked its ability to cause weight loss with its high content of folic acid and ascorbic acid.

It is a rich source of sulphorane, a plant nutrient that helps fight cancer-forming cells and choline. This sulphorane is also believed to protect the skin from the ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun.

Cauliflower is an alternative to grains and legumes, and it's strictly low in carbohydrates, so diabetics will find this diet very helpful in achieving optimum sugar control in addition to their drugs.

This cauliflower is also rich in vitamin K which is very important in maintaining hemostasis and blood clotting, this who have vitamin K-dependent clotting disorders will benefit from adding cauliflower to their diet. 

Its vitamin C content is also important in the formation of collagen, a protein that forms ligaments, tendons, scar tissue, blood vessels, and skin.

A whole cauliflower recipe meal can give about 25 calories and consists mainly carbohydrates (5g) and dietary fiber (2g).

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These recipes can be made using the following:

1. Cauliflower

2. Olive oil

3. Parmesan

4. Garlic

5. Basil

6. Parsley

7.Sea salt

8. Black Pepper

9. Thyme

Note: 2-9 will be used to make the sauce (garlic Parmesan).

How to Prepare Whole Roasted Cauliflower

After getting the basic cooking gadgets and utensils and making available the above-mentioned ingredients then you are set to start making your meal.cauliflower recipes ottolenghi

1 . Roast your cauliflower head

To do this in an oven takes less than 10 minutes and the rest of the process can be done easily. Get your cauliflower ready by washing, then rinse and dry. It should be made flat by cutting off the bottom and removing the outer leaves.

2. Make the Sauce

Get the sauce of garlic Parmesan ready by using the above-mentioned 2-9 items.

3. Use the sauce already prepared to season your whole cauliflower paying attention to the center core. Make sure you spread the sauce all over it. You can use a basting brush.

4. Now with the help of an oven bake the cauliflower. The Dutch oven should be covered with a lid till the cauliflower is soft enough for a knife to pierce with ease.

5. Spray Parmesan cheese over the roasted cauliflower and cook till it turns brown. Fresh parsley can be added at this point to garnish it some more.

6. Your meal is ready to be served.

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How to serve?

Using two large forks lift your roasted whole cauliflower out of your Dutch over to a board. You will be needing a knife to cut with one hand while holding it firmly with a fork on the opposite hand.

Depending on your preference you can cut it into small wedges or large circles.

This recipe can be served with meatloaf, smashed or mashed potatoes and shepherd’s pie.

Can it Be refrigerated?

Freezing in the refrigerator is the best form of preservation for this recipe. This can be stored in a fridge for up to 90 days.

Can it be reheated?

Your microwave or stove will serve, crispier cauliflower will however require oven heating, this takes about 10 minutes and 3 minutes in a microwave.

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Above is a step-by-step guide on how you can make your favorite whole roasted cauliflower recipes at home for the delight of yourself and your loved ones.

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