An Easy Step-By-Step Guide To Make Vegan Biryani Recipe At Home.

This vegan recipe is very popular in India. You find this meal in areas with lots of vegetarians and vegans alike. Vegetable biryani is one meal vegan lovers can't say no to. 

Next time you find this on somebody’s menu do yourself a favor and ask them how this Vegan Biryani benefits them. Some like to call it aromatic biryani because this recipe is truly aromatic with lots of exotic flavors.

vegetable biryani recipe


Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

2.  History

3. Nutritional Benefits 

4. Ingredients/ recipes

5. How to prepare the recipe

6. How to serve the recipe

7. What drink goes well with this recipe. 

8. How to Preserve?
Can it be reheated?

9. What you can make from this veg recipe?



History books claim this vegan meal started in Persa and got transported to India by Mughals.

 Nutritional Value

A serving of Biryani can give about 240 calories and accounts for 12% of the daily adult calories requirement from the diet which is estimated at 2000 calories. The energy provided is about 448 calls. About 61g of carbohydrates. The protein content of biryani is 9g. Its fiber content is 6g. The sodium content is about 26mg and the cholesterol is 4mg. It contains 18g of fat.

 How long does it take to make Veg Biryani Recipe

It takes an average of 120 minutes to get ready.


What Ingredients Are Needed? Recipes for veg biryani

Below are a number of ingredients required for making these recipes, so do yourself a favor to assemble them before you start preparing your recipes. This preparation process can take up to 30 minutes. Below are important ingredients for making the best biryani recipe:

1. You need clarified butter or ghee about three tablespoons.

2. Lavang or cloves (5)

3.  Star anise (1)

4. Tej Patta or Bay leaf (2)

5. Dalchini or Cinnamon stick

6.  Elachi or cardamom

7.  Pepper

8.  Onion

9.  Garlic

10. Cumin seeds and powder

11.  Beans

12. Cauliflower

13. Mattar or peas

14.  Chopped Carrots

15.  Mushrooms

16. Potato

17.  Tumeric

18.  Yoghurt

19. Biryani Masala

20.  Salt for seasoning.

21.  Coriander leaves

22.  Pudina leaves

23.  Basmati Rice

24.  Water

25.  Saffron Water 

How to Prepare

1. Start your cooking by putting your saute spices and ghee in a big hot cooker and allow to cook.

2.  Introduce your onions, garlic paste, and ginger.

3.  Add the vegetables, cook till it shrinks, then add your yogurt or curd. Make sure the heat is minimal.

vegan biryani recipe

4. Season with salt and spice powder.

5. Introduce fried onions, mint, and coriander leaves.

6.  Get your already soaked Basamatic rice and spread.

7.  Add some powder of biryani masala and salt.

8.  Add some more fried onions, coriander, and mint leaves.

9.  It is now time to add ghee and saffron water.

10.  Add extra water and allow to cook for 30 minutes and your Biryani recipe is ready for serving. 

How to Serve

 This sumptuous meal can be served with raita, shorba, mirchi ka salan and bagara baingan. Also, note that it is a complete meal of its own and can be eaten alone. 

Which wines can I have with Biryani Recipes?

You can have this great meal with  Argentine Malbec wine (Which can be oaked, dry, or red wine) or Californian Chardonnay wine (which comes as dry, chardonnay, or white wine), or German Riesling wines. 

How to Preserve Leftovers 

If you made more than required, you can share it with friends or store it in a refrigerator. In a refrigerator, it can stay up to 5 days. 

Can these recipes be reheated?

When you are ready to have your favorite biryani again, defrost and reheat in a skillet using low to medium heat. Remember to stir very well for equal heat distribution. 

Benefits Of Eating Vegetable Biryani

Each serving of recipes has a blend of good amounts of nutrients including fiber, vitamins, fat, mineral, proteins, and carbohydrates. All these components promote overall well-being. Nonvegetarians and vegetarians will come to love this meal. 

It is very low in cholesterol, sodium, and saturated fats and is considered very good for optimum health. 

Basmati rice used in making the vegetarian recipe is very helpful for those seeking ways to lower their weight. This is one recipe you shouldn’t say no to,  it provides an Indian aromatic vegan option for maintaining good health. I highly recommend it to every health-conscious individual.

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