How to Make A Distance Relationship Work

Most times Distance relationship is usually unavoidable, I know we all want our special somebody to live next to us but what if your heart rob is far away in another city or country will you cast them away because they are far and make do with the ones closer after all one wise saying believes that the closest person to you is your dearest person.

Distance Relationship


Whether you call it a distance or long-distance relationship it simply means the one you cherish more than anything in the world lives far away and you have to live with the reality that you can’t get to see them every day just like everyone in love wishes to.


In this article, I will be dwelling on ways to make distant relationships work. We all know if this distance is not well handled it can be the trigger for separation. The person you’re in this kind of relationship with could be a boyfriend or a spouse, meaning you can’t just let go of them just like that so we need to take steps to see how the relationship can still be healthy no matter the distance.

My personal experience with this kind of relationship is that it had its bad toll on me, before I could recollect and dot my “I” and cross my “T” another government was elected to replace me, and eventually I got replaced. 

This experience made me go back to the drawing board and I found newer ways to go about this with better results some of these ways which I have adopted will be what I’ll be sharing with you through this article. 

Although difficult, a lot of people have found success with long-distance relationships and today they are married and living happily. So before you throw away that potential partner because of distance  I’ll advise you to take things easy and employ some of the steps listed here. Who knows you might get lucky.

 People hate distant relationships for different reasons. It can create a vacuum whereby a partner survives on someone else for attention and sometimes intimacy, It leaves you without your partner who can’t be physically present when you need them most.

It can be the first step to perpetual separation or divorce, you learn more about your partner and their special needs, it makes you jealous of others who enjoy closeness, warmth, and cuddles from their partners who live next door or in the same city. 

Also for those who haven’t tied the knot, living apart will propel you to go the extra mile so the friendship you so desire to share your bed legally.

 Despite the few demerits, researchers believe this distance is important for the early phase of the relationship. Distance will create a vacuum and make the parties involved miss each other. They went on to say that too much familiarity will surely broker contempt. 

Best ways to make Distance Relationships Work

1. Use Technologies Available For Your Long Distance Relationship.

Having this distance affair is a little easier than it used to be with the advent of so many technologies. You can now know every bit of the next person even when they are a thousand miles away. 

 These days you can exchange messages, photos, videos, and even Facetime. This is unlike what was obtainable in times past when you solely rely on writing letters or using a commercial phone center.  Now you can stay connected with your lover on the go. 

Some in relationships that are far apart even communicate more often than couples who live in the same house and share the same bed. 

By making your partner part of your everyday life by getting them involved in using this technology, you build more friendships and bonding. You also gain their trust since they are almost part and parcel of your everyday life.

 How to succeed in a distance relationship

Show Commitment irrespective of the Long Distance.

You need to have a definite plan for this relationship, make sure you are certain about what you want and your decision to spend the rest of your life with this person, forgoing every other distraction that may arise. 

Then you need to make a constant effort towards making this a reality, two people in love who show commitment to each other will certainly achieve great success despite the distance.

 People tend to cheat when they sense dishonesty and lack of commitment in their partner. 

Especially in your University days when so many options will come by to replace your partner you need to stand firm in the decision you made. 

Have a Target Date:

Don’t just go into long-distance relationships for donkey years leaving everything to chance. If you must succeed at it then you should have a target, this should be a date you look forward to tying the knot.

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