How to get SEO Copywriter Jobs

How do I get a copywriter job with no experience?
This field aims to boost the search ranking of a website using search engine optimization by writing copies that help a website or blog become more visible on search engines. This article will guide you on copywriting, and how to get jobs.

What does an SEO copywriter do?

They are no different from regular copywriters who write content for marketing and advertising purposes. The only distinguishing factor is that these writers have great skills and knowledge in writing content that becomes very visible on search engines. 

No matter how beautiful your contents are if it's not visible on search engines then it's as good as a waste of time. What is a beautiful movie that no one cares to watch? 

These writers produce what is called sales copy or copy which helps your brand get known and increase sales or encourage visitors to take action. 

Job Descriptions:

These are the job descriptions of copywriters below:
  • Target keywords of interest related to your niche
  • Write quality content for your page
  • Produce valuable and compelling content for your site.
  • Increases your site's authority
  • Makes your site and contents more relevant to users. They produce content that
  • Improves your site ranking for a particular keyword on search engines like Google.

Areas copywriting will help a site improve

1. Speed

If your page crawls and barely loads in time, most people won't have the patience to wait, so they look out for other sites offering similar information with lesser load times. People generally believe sites that take time to load have heavier content and will consume more subscription data.

 The faster your page loads the better the user experience. Experts in copywriting will optimize your site to load faster. Many tools are available to verify your site's load time. 

You can run a pingdom web speed test on your website by visiting It analyzes the load speed and also takes a look into the previous history of your site load times, this gives you a picture of your site if it is faster than Usain Bolt or slower than a snail. Getting a professional will help optimize your site speed. 

2. Headlines for your content.

You may have produced valuable content but with poor headlines, it won't interest people to read, and your click-through rate CTR will be very low. 

You will have many impressions with few clicks just because your headlines are not enticing enough. Likewise, you should spend ample time creating headlines that catch your attention. 

Copywriting experts are particularly skilled in crafting headlines that catch the eye. Before they embark on writing the content, they take out time to plan the topics and headlines. 

This is a good habit that should be imbibed by all, writers, freelancers, bloggers, and those you contract for your SEO jobs. This helps you produce contents that attract readers. Those who have these skills will find many copywriting jobs to make a fortune.

3. Quality contents

Back in the day, people tricked search engines into indexing them on the first page by stuffing their content with keywords. Some even make these keywords the same color as the background, so visitors can't see them, but search engines can read and rank the site based on the keywords. 

Right now Google says content is chief, serving the reader the most relevant content related to their search queries, to achieve this get somebody to do the copywriting jobs and you will be happy with the results you get from good copywriting. 

Utilize long-tail keywords and write your articles on them, and Google will reward you naturally. Copywriter job experts are also skilled in content building and should be utilized to reach a larger audience.

4. Use Meta Description

They use meta descriptions to help searchers and search engines relate to your topic, this increases search visibility. These meta-descriptions target certain keywords. 

They make a lot of money optimizing sites and their meta descriptions and this pays off. This meta description is contained in between the head tags on the HTML aspect of your page. 

Word press has a plugin that can help you optimize your title, keywords, and meta description. A lot of the experts will utilize this SEO pack plugin by WordPress.

5. Keyword Density and Frequency

As a copywriter for websites or blogs, you'll optimize keywords and make them appear the number of times and their relationship to other words on your page as is required in order to rank your content. 

Repeating keywords can be considered Spammy or super. You have to consider your overall words count for your articles while considering how often your keywords should appear. 

Avoid keyword stuffing that is having greater than 5.4% of keyword density, google frowns at it and can get you penalized. Your copywriter will provide the best keyword-optimized content and optimum keyword density.

7. Build links

Copywriters are experts in building page links, they help link your pages with one another and link to other pages on other people's websites and have them link back to you. 

The importance of this to SEO can't be overemphasized. This link helps your site build authority and better search engine ranking. When your content is able to link to other high-authority sites Google will love you for that and reward you with better search engine scores. 

The aim is to uniformly bring the world's information together for a better user experience. An experienced copywriter will help build links that grow the website's audience. This skill is key to better website optimization for search engines.

8. In-Depth Keyword Research

The gurus are masters of the keyword research game, they find keywords that are easy to rank your website on. They have the special skill of finding low-competition long-tail keywords that you can easily rank with.

How much does an SEO copywriter make?

SEO writing and copywriting is a very lucrative field with attractive remuneration. Salary in the United States averages around $52K per year and can be more. 

This is similar to what is obtainable outside the United States. If you have the skills to trail the blaze then you might consider starting your copywriting business.

What qualification is needed 

No special qualifications are needed. Having a degree in English, creative writing, journalism, and related fields may increase your chances of getting a big copywriter job.

Aside from my academic background, what is needed to start off is top-notch writing skills, founded in SEO and keyword research, research skills, a creative mind, and great communication skills.

Are jobs in demand?

They are highly sought after to fill various positions and vacancies. They are high in demand and can be gainfully employed to fill one of the following positions:

Full-time staff SEO Copywriting Jobs

This type of writer is fully employed in the company to do strictly what they are passionate about which is copywriting. Here the copywriter is placed on the payroll and he or she shares other benefits that accrue to staff. 

Many industries and marketing establishments employ the services of staff SEO copywriting on a full-time basis to help improve the company's search presence. The copywriter salaries of employees in this category are very attractive.

As contractors

These companies employ copywriters and other writers on a contract basis, they utilize them on demand and pay them for their services. You may have similar working hours with permanent employees but differ from them in your pay and salary structure as you are not their employee and not entitled to full benefits that accrue to employees.

As freelance copywriter

Working as a freelance copywriter is similar to working on a contract basis but here you have the freedom to choose your client and work time. 

You can have multiple clients at a time. A client can choose to utilize your copywriting services as often as possible. Many platforms are available online where you sign up as a freelance copywriter, advertise your services, and get paid to write compelling sales copy, website copywriting and SEO copywriting. 

Fiverr and Upwork are very popular examples of this model. Personally, I made a great deal of money freelancing on Fiverr early last year.

How do I become an SEO copywriting expert?

If you must make a living out of words and writing then you must learn the rudiments of the game. You can start your journey today by doing the following:


Getting the prerequisite training will put you on the pedals of success. If you have earned a degree before venturing into this it will give you an edge and help you sail through with ease. 

If you have a degree in English or creative arts it will make communicating in English and writing creative content easy. So get trained, learn from people already succeeding in this line of business, understudy successful copywriters and try to replicate what they are doing to succeed. Also learning basic Programming languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, and JAVA will help you get started.

Learn SEO

You are not just venturing into copywriting but SEO copywriting, so you need good knowledge of SEO and how it works. People will hire you because you can optimize their sites on search engines and rank them on the first page. 

To be able to do this you must know how to rank any keywords on Google. That way you can reproduce this knowledge in any job you are given. 

A lot of resources are available online to learn, you can register for a class at Udemy, learn from Neil Patel like I did in my early days, or learn from Google herself. If you follow the lectures meticulously you'll be able to rank your contents. Also, not forgetting YouTube, here you have tons of video tutorials for free on just any topic.

Gather experience and build your portfolio: 

You require all the experience that you can grab to help you gradually build your portfolio. This will help you get clients to buy your copywriting services. 

You can start off by testing your own copywriting skills by writing and ranking an article successfully. You can start a blog or do a guest post on popular sites. This will help you to stay visible and keep you busy with orders and you never can tell copywriting jobs can come sooner than you expect.

Become a good researcher

Copywriting will surely be easy if you have already mastered how to make intelligent research. Google is so jealous of content and if you must give them the best then you must know how to get this information and offer value to your readers. 

You need to perfect keyword research and use it to your advantage. A perfect sales copy is one that is rich in keywords with a large search volume. Also learn the rule of how to use the keywords, stuffing the site with a particular keyword is a major turn-off for Google.

Learn to write shareable posts

Don't fail to utilize the power of social media, you need to write contents that people will like to share on social media.
The best SEO copywriting content is one that users can engage with and share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, etc. Find out the keywords that are trending on these social media platforms and create content around them.

Register on freelance sites

Get onboard on popular freelance sites, use a beautiful profile picture of yourself, and make sure your profile reflects your copywriting services and your description contains keywords that will make you visible on search engines. 

When you are done creating your accounts, place your bids and go out there in search of copywriting jobs. At first, you might meet some brick walls and rejections. It shouldn't deter you, from experience once the jobs start coming and you deliver, it keeps coming. One client that rates you 5 stars brings more to you.

How to get SEO Copywriter jobs

Not just by gathering copywriting skills but by making money from this acquired skill. How to get copywriting jobs as an SEO-savvy copywriting services provider becomes very important if we must convert these skills into money. 

Getting set copywriter jobs may be difficult at first, but if you follow some laid down procedures you are certain of making some good money from your skills. 

Irrespective of how much learning you grabbed in the field the real learning comes on the job.

From my experience, I've noticed the moment you get your first clients and deliver the jobs naturally flows in your direction. The big problem is how to get the first copywriting jobs. 

This is very simple, I know one client that will be ready to patronize you not minding if you are well-skilled in copywriting. This client is nobody but you. 

Start by making a sales copy for yourself, include all the qualities we discussed above, and have an established copywriter go through it and constructively score you. 

Take home lessons you learned from this and work on them. Go online and get samples of sales copy and notice how they were written and try to mimic them.

Another step is to offer some free copywriting services and give it your best shot. If by chance these free contents convert sales, these persons will in turn buy from you and this time make sure you bill them.

Create a website for yourself and your services and rank around keywords related to your copywriting niche. Clients who come looking for copywriters on search engines will surely find you on that keyword and patronize you. 

Your website should carry as many details about you as possible. It should also carry samples of your previous work that future buyers can go through to appraise your copywriting skills.

You can land copywriting jobs by bidding on job listings. Lots of copywriting job listings are available online. You can place your bids and start getting job offers. 

Don't go about it greedy by trying to earn like the big names in the industry but offering your copywriting services a little lower than your competition. 

A few people might be tempted to give you a try knowing your quality can be as good as the costlier ones. When you get this kind of copywriter job give it your best not minding the money involved. 

If it pulls through this can be all the advert you need to succeed. A lot of these job listing sites are available including, Upwork, Craigslist, FWJ daily listings, Fiverr, Problogger, etc.

After closing sales remember to get 5 stars from clients. This will add to your portfolio and help you get future clients to buy your copywriting services.

Building a network will also help you get SEO copywriting jobs. Join SEO copywriter communities online, on social media, and on WhatsApp groups. 

Chances are that members of these communities might have a lot on their shelves and utilize the services of juniors to get most of their work done. Your networks can also hire your services if they find it useful.

Join channels that will give you recurring leads. Do in-depth SEO and get registered on LinkedIn make sure to optimize your services with links to your previous completed works and customer reviews. 

Future buyers can decide to hire you through these platforms. SEO will make you visible to the world and people can easily reach out to you to do business.

Guest posting on other sites can also help your cooperation business. You can write on Quora, medium, steemit, Reddit, etc. These platforms will rank higher on search engines and people can easily appraise your work and possibly hire you.

Paid advertisement can be the difference between the successful and those who are still struggling. You can spend a few bucks, and advertise your services using paid advertisements on Google (Google Ads), Facebook advert, Twitter advert, Instagram ads, etc. The audience reached can be enormous, and the results can be very loud.

Start a YouTube course on copywriting. By teaching others how to copy write and the rudiments of success, the online community will see you as an authority and will most likely buy from you, especially if the methods you teach are time-tested and works pretty well.

SEO copywriting can make the difference in your account balance, it can be the financial liberation you want next year.

We have taken the time to go through the art of copywriting and how to succeed. Also, we have talked exhaustively about how to get copywriting jobs. It will make me happy that you utilize the ideas shared here to become better financially.

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