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Humans tend to tilt to areas of ease, we want to do things cheaply. Nobody loves to expend energy when you can get things done the easy way. In this article, we are considering how you can do hard stuff or difficult tasks, and how to unlock your potential and achieve the impossible.
How to do something hard

While I agree with getting things done the easy way, I also love to do the hard stuff that people shy away from. 

Doing what others find hard and insurmountable gives you a sense of gratification and fulfillment. It makes you feel like you just passed a challenge and came out victorious. 

We all know that the easy way doesn't always mean the better way. If we must take the bulls by their big horns and grab what we truly want then we must be ready to sweat it out and take our chances. 

Many want the super abs and physique but can’t because exercise is no child’s play. 

 In this article, you’ll learn how to overcome yourself and shoot for the sky. Going easy always is like accepting laziness over strength, accepting defeat over victory, and accepting that we are not good enough to do beyond our limits. 

Back then after many years of trying to secure admission into the university for my chosen course, lots of advice came calling, suggesting I lower the standards and chase something lower. 

Although tempting I didn’t give in I put a deadline on achieving my dreams, I said to myself if I perish then so be it. As God may have it I accepted the challenge and came out successful. 

Give Yourself That Victory Feeling

When you achieve something of value, something ordinarily you’d deem difficult. I am talking about something people will hear and open their mouths in awe. 

They’d be surprised you mustered the courage and energy to work it out. Achieving this fit will put you on the pedals of gratification. It's like cracking a hard nutshell or cracking a code you fought all night to accomplish. 

The good book talking to us says if we faint when adversity comes then our strength is small. Doing the hard stuff will unveil the hidden strength and power beneath our thin skin. 

If we must get something of value then we must bury the idea of getting it cheap. Chances are, that precious and valuable stuff you so desire is also the envy of others. So you have to show extra energy to get things done. 

In my early days, I read a book titled “Eat that Frog”. This book is one of the best things that happened to my small mind then. It made me always shoot for the big things.

Things bigger than me are what I always go after and nature has really surprised me with its results. Achieving these results comes with an org*sm of satisfaction. It gives me that inner feeling that the best things in life can be achieved if only we try harder. 

 The man who dug the goldmine was only 2fts away from success before he gave up and the man that inherited the task only had to dig 2fts more to get to the gold. Chances are people abandoned the hard stuff halfway and you only have to start working from where they stopped. 

Remove Bad Energy

Mediocrity keeps you nothing far from average, you limit yourself and your abilities. You avoid reaching for the sky because it is considered impossible to fly.  You can’t muster the courage to try for fear of falling or being laughed at for doing more than yourself. 

This is the bad energy that comes with courting only the easy things of life. If Faraday had this learning for easy things we won’t have the electricity we enjoy today at least not so soon. 

When you overcome this preponderance to chase the small things of life and start chasing big fishes, as success knocks, your bad energy will be converted to good energy. Your willpower will be strengthened to reach out for more, conquer more, and show the world that even the hard things in life can be achieved if we try. 

 Just like someone who got into the gym in search of that beautiful-looking muscle tone. The results you get by weight training will leave you adding more weights to maintain this shape. 

Weight training is naturally hard but once you’re able to overcome the pains that accompany it you find yourself flying.  If you try and you fail, dust yourself and go again, keep pushing till nature gifts your demand. At first, pains will come but look beyond these pains and achieve the impossible. 

Change Your Thought Pattern:

The first revolution is within ourselves, if a man can change the way he sees things then he can change his results. Your thought patterns will stall you or open you up to grow in diverse ways. 

Rather than think of fear and failure why not eulogize on victory. Why not see yourself lifting 20 pounds weight even when you can barely lift 10 pounds. 

Imagine your spouse or partner boasting to someone that you can lift a 20 pounds weight. I guess you’ll feel like a superman, even your partner boldly affirming this to the world. Now with this good feeling from your imagination, work to bring it into reality. 

 Easy always does it will keep you weak. You fail to leverage the powers of an adrenaline rush, scientists nickname it fight or flight hormones. I am not encouraging you to fly when the hard stuff hits you in the face. Rather stand your ground and fight.

If you want to have better health, take steps, exercise, diet, and live healthier. You must accept the challenge to do the hard stuff. Good health is not just a gift but a conscious work. You need to put in that throat-cutting effort. 

Easy Way Don’t Open Doors

Easy can’t do it at least won’t open hard doors, if you want the doors opened at you, you have to keep pushing to unlock your full potential. If the doors don’t open at you, break them with persistence.

 Do what is considered impossible to achieve your goals. Don’t be quick to accept defeat. Life operates a reward system, it hands over to you what you demand.

  If we wait for only the easy ways of doing things we waste. Cars climb hills too, is not normal to expect every route to your destination to be plain smooth. Sometimes see the difficult journey ahead and embark on it with new energy.

 Train your mind to win always no matter how hard the situation appears. If you are well-motivated you can always put up a good fight.

 Make Sacrifices

Be willing to pay the sacrifice required to crack that code. Success has a price tag that ought to be paid in full to do the hard things. Don’t be a chicken, be the lion that faces his fears, not a chicken. No wonder people use, to chicken out, to explain those who give in to their fear. You need to sacrifice something of value if you must do the hard stuff.

Benefits of doing hard things:

They say easy does it but if you love challenges like myself you'll definitely
do the things that seem hard to the ordinary person. It brings joy, satisfaction and sense of gratification and prepares you to undertake even more difficult tasks ahead.


I deeply urge you to ditch the easy path of life and press forward toward achieving the hard things. If you get lucky with the hard things your future self will be happy for you. But if you are writing an exam remember you need to keep it simple to succeed. Answering only the difficult questions won’t help you.

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