How To Make A Delicious Lentil Bolognese Recipe In Easy Steps

Making it comes easy and it has numerous health benefits which we'll find time to explain in this article using a step-by-step approach.

Going Vegan is a great idea and there are a lot of vegan recipes you can choose from. Bolognese is one of those amazing vegan recipes that you’d want to give a try.

 It's a great choice for your dinner with family members. It gives you that feel and nutritional benefit you’d come to love.

lentil bolognese recipe easy

It is plant-based but has the feel of meat. 
It's a quick fix and very easy to arrange, starters find this very comfortable to make. 

Steps for making these vegan recipes are easy to learn and don’t require too much expertise. In this article, we shall be going through this awesome recipe. 

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Uses of this Recipe

Nutritional Benefits 


How to prepare quick vegan recipe bolognese

How to serve this Vegan bolognese recipe

How to Preserve

Brief History :

This wonderful recipe was discovered as families and individuals and lovers of Veggies went in to search for a vegan recipe that consists strictly of plants but has the feel of meat and is massed with flavors. Then this Vegan Bolognese met these conditions and gradually took over the dinner tables of most vegetarians and vegans enthusiasts.

They were able to combine it with pasta and creamy polenta, and it turned out very beautiful.

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Nutritional Benefits 

This recipe has nutritional values that make vegans love it to the moon. Each serving offers 310 calories compared to 45 calories obtained from Fat. 

It consists of Fat(5g), Sodium, Potassium, Carbohydrates(51g), Protein(19g), vitamins A and C, calcium, and iron. The nutritional values are quite loud.

Health Benefits 

These recipes qualify as quick vegan recipes, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian, the kind you’d love to have for dinner on Christmas Eve.

Lentil recipes are the food that comforts, it beats many recipes that comfort the stomach when it's upset or the environment is chilly no wonder it is the love of many, myself included. It is a quick vegan recipe.

It is very quick to fix and doesn't strain your pockets, lentil which is the major ingredient can be gotten cheap.

Leftovers of this meal can be stored and taken at will, you can also make them in batches. Brings lots of nutritional benefits, and each ingredient of this recipe has something of benefit to add nutritionally.

Ingredients For Bolognese Recipe Vegan

1. Lentils: Different options are available for choosing Lentils are okay for this meal, The split lentils, and French Lentils the green type are particularly good. The black caviar lentils are also popular with families that consume this recipe.

2. Onions: This offers some good flavor to the meal.

3. Garlic: Just like onions adds flavor to the meal

4. Carrots: This sweetens your meal.

5. Celery: Adds taste to the meal

6. Thyme or Fresh Oregano is also needed for this recipe. If it’s not available you can make do with Italian herbs.

7. Tomato: These recipes require all types of tomatoes as you can get, paste, canned and fresh tomatoes are all useful for preparing this meal.

8. Red wine

9. Veggie stock or veggie bullion and water.

10. Walnuts (toasted type), pecans, and or hemp seeds.

11. Vinegar (Balsamic type) to make the meal bright and flavored.

How To Prepare 

Now that you’ve got all your ingredients handy, it's time to get into the kitchen and do the wonders. To make this recipe you need to approach it in a stepwise manner and refer to our guide if you miss out on any stage.

1. Chop your onions into tiny pieces

2. Fry these cut pieces of onions with olive oil till it becomes fragrant not allowing them to burn.

3. It's time to introduce your garlic, celery, and carrots while still cooking.

4. Stir for about 6 minutes then season and add the available herbs.

5. Make it brown by adding the tomato paste. Generously add your red wine and cook till it gets fairly dried. Then add your chopped fresh tomatoes and their juice.

6. Introduce your hemp seeds, lentils,s, and broth. Walnut can be used in place of hemp seeds. Walnuts, especially the toasted ones help to make the flavor pleasurable but usually require grinding, unlike the hemp seeds. 

Make your lentil small if you are aiming to finish off very fast, bigger lentils will increase the cooking time.

7. Then allow to boil and cover. Allow cooking below boiling point for up to 30 minutes.

8. Remove the cover lids as soon as the lentils are soft, and cook for a while to reduce the liquid.

9. Use your taste buds and moderate the seasonings as appropriate. Add Balsamic Vinegar and stir

10. Then your vegan bolognese is ready for serving.

How is it Served?

Now that your meal is ready you have to pay attention to serving. A perfectly prepared vegan recipe that is poorly served will ruin it all. I know you want your family or loved ones to appreciate the pains taken effort you put in to make this possible.

Remember to keep your serving strictly vegan.

This meal can be served with different pasta and still come out very good. Some chose to serve this with Spaghetti, Penne, or wholewheat but whichever option you decide for making sure it is vegan and possibly gluten-free. You have different options for pasta that are truly gluten-free.

You can also sprinkle creamy Polenta or vegan Parmesan. In recent times Vegan Parmesan are available at supermarkets and local stores. Make sure you avoid regular Parmesan as it the not vegan or dairy-free.

What Drink Is Perfect with it

Bear in mind that the best drink you can get in this world is water and blends perfectly with Bolognese. Also, your Montepulciano D’Abruzzo or simple Chianti can go well with this meal.

How To Preserve

Personally, I don’t encourage waste so if you’ve got some leftovers, and you can’t find Vegans around to give then dial my number, lol… 

I hope you know I’m joking. Your leftover can be stored in the refrigerator and can stay fresh and perfectly edible for 3 days. Make sure you put it in a good plastic container with a cover lid till you are ready to have it again.

If you want to have your favorite Bolognese again you have to take it out from the fridge and transfer it to a suitable saucepan. Add little water and heat the Bolognese you have in your saucepan till it’s hot enough for consumption. This should take 5-10 minutes.

Can it be made into soup:

This can be achieved with ease, all you have to do to add more water and vegetable stock. This will give you the perfect Lentil Bolognese soup that you can have with bread.

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