Christmas Vegan Recipes: An In-Depth Guide To Cooking For The Holidays..

These recipes will spice up your day any time any day. In this yuletide season, you need a variety of Christmas vegan recipes to choose from and enjoy with your family and loved ones. 

They have a lot to bring to the table and every family deserves a feel of healthy vegan meals.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction And Benefits Of Vegan Diets
2. Why Meat And Dairy Products Are Bad For You

3. Different Types Of Recipes For xmass
3.1. Ingredients For Different Types Of Vegan Recipes
3.2. How To Prepare Different Recipes for Yuletide.
4. Summary

christmas vegan recipes
For your festivity to be memorable, special emphasis should be paid to your dining table. 
A good meal plan will make it entertaining and fun-filled without having to throw away the benefits that come with it. Choosing Vegetables over red meat has dual functions, going vegan pays, your meal plans are healthier, and it offers lots of interesting food recipes.

There are lots of things your vegan food recipes can be made of, from deserts to entrées to salads and soups recipes. Here you’ll find meals that you’d love, and your family will feel really good about it despite avoiding meat and dairy products. 

This sounds fascinating, right? Of course, every health-conscious individual knows that dairy products and red meat have their shortfalls.

Despite these shortfalls, they help to spice up meals and make them seem more appetizing. If we are able to still have meals people crave despite not having meat and dairy products on them then we have achieved something good.

Last year I and my family had to go on an eggnog vegan recipe and I must confess everyone was satisfied and happy. The decision was indeed one to look back to and feel good memories.

 My youngest sibling was particularly happy and had to wash the dishes without having to mutter words and complain about it, this happened to be the very first time since he started taking up house chores.
vegan christmas recipes
With these recipes, you can be certain of a yuletide season with so many tales of success. Who wouldn’t want this for their Christmas? Nobody.

Why You Should Avoid Meat And Dairy Products This Season:

Many consider going Vegan which is a good decision. But only a few people know the real benefits of veganism and the harmful effects of meat consumption.

1. People are interested in having better cholesterol and blood pressure control, these sets of people are better off with vegan diets. Meat and dairy consumption raises blood pressure and worsens the concentration of bad cholesterol in the blood. 

This also raises one’s risk of developing cardiovascular accidents and overt cardiac disease.

2. Red meat and milk are particularly involved in the genesis of inflammatory conditions like arthritis.

 Individuals who consciously removed this two from their diet had a good percentage of relief from worrisome joint symptoms that accompany these conditions. This is yet another proof that the vegan diet pays.

3. Going vegan reduces your risk of cancer while consumption of milk and red meat increases the risk. In most western homes the diets are rich in fats and proteins. 

This explains why the risk of cancer is plummeting in most western homes.

4. 90-95% of breast cancers are caused by lifestyle factors that include dietary factors. 
These dietary factors include the intake of dairy products, cow milk, and red meat. The rest are linked to the genes. One can infer that switching to vegan will reduce this risk drastically.

5. Insulin-like growth factor IGF, a growth hormone that is important in the pathogenesis of prostate cancer in men is believed to be upregulated by milk intake.

 This in combination with genetic and other lifestyle factors will predispose a patient to develop Prostate cancer.

6. Processed meat and red meat are known to increase the risk of bowel cancer.

7. Consumption of red meat, milk, and saturated milk is a major cause of obesity.  Obesity is known to have so many health challenges.
8. Meat and milk are one of the risk factors implicated in the global rise in diabetes. Obesity from this dietary lifestyle is commonly associated with insulin insensitivity and type two diabetes.

With these conditions attributable to meat and milk products, going vegan will be one of the wisest decisions you’ll make this festive season.

Best Vegan Recipes for Christmas

1. Mushroom Pasta Recipe

Most vegan diets aren’t creamy, but this one is a banger. Its sauce is obtained from sour cream devoid of dairy and soy milk. It is tasteful, well-scented, and has a feel that will leave you coming for more.

How Mushroom Pasta is Made

To make this delicacy you need mushrooms, onions, and cream sauce. It is quite easy to make the recipe.

 If you’re looking for something uncommon but yummy then this meal is for you. The creamy sauce and the rest of the ingredients are all made together in the same saucepan and this can be time-saving, 

You can add different blends of pepper to this recipe, ranging from green, yellow or red. 

This adds taste and makes it amazingly appetizing. Some others like to include broccoli, cauliflower, corn, or carrots in these recipes. 

All these add-ons are not compulsory as you can choose to stick with your mushroom, creamy sauce, onions, and garlic.

2. Make a Vegan Soup with Roasted Chestnut

Rusted Chestnut can be used to make vegan soup, and it turns out to be a delicious dish. The isn’t made with butter but purely vegan oil or margarine and soy milk replacing dairy milk.

Ingredients For Chestnut Soup

This soup is made using roasted bottled chestnuts, chopped onion, carrot slices, chick broth, and ground pepper. Kosher salt, olive oil, fresh thyme leaves, and whipping creams.

How to prepare Chestnut vegan soup

The chestnuts are baked on a jelly roll pan at a very high temperature of 36 degrees Celsius and above. It is allowed to cool at room temperature in a big open bowl.

Onions carrot and oil in combination with vegetables are baked on the pan at a similar temperature for up to 60 minutes with intermittent stirring.

 This is then added to chestnuts and stirred. This broth is then blended in a blender until it gets smooth, pepper and salt can be added and placed in the pan again, mildly heating it, and afterward, it is placed on a simmer for about 30 minutes.

 Then get a medium bowl and add cream, beat in a mixer till they are able to form soft peaks then add salt and beat again till it forms stiff peaks. 

You can flavor it with thyme and serve your chestnut soup which is now ready. Serve in a bowl for consumption and you will come to love this meal for the holiday.

3. Pear and Cranberry Pie

These two fruits are readily available during the yuletide and are used for filling in Vegan Pies. This pie is tasteful and can make a difference for you and your family during this festive period.

Ingredients For Vegan Cranberry Pie

This pie or that of pear doesn’t require much to prepare. To Make it you need, cranberries or pear, ginger, sugar, and cornstarch. Others are flour, vegan butter, salt, and chilled water.

How to Make Vegan Pie

With a food processor, you place your butter, flour, and salt into it. As the motor is running introduce chilled water into it using a tablespoon until it makes a uniform dough. This dough can be shaped into a disc.

If a processor isn’t available, and you’ve got just your hands, butter, flour, and salt is placed in a bowl. 

A fork can be used to cut the flour into the bowl, and introduce chilled water into the bowl gently till it makes a uniform dough. 

This formed dough should be divided into two portions and wrapped in a tight cling and shaped into a disc using your palms then put it in the refrigerator till your filling is available.
This filling can be made in a saucepan, add the sugar and maple syrup and allow it to melt. Add your ginger and cranberries and mix then turn off the heat.

Now this filling made is mixed with cornstarch and used as a filling, placed in between the two discs of dough we made earlier, and molded to any desired shape. 

Now remove from the pan and allow cooling then serve to your loved ones. This kind of vegan pie is the type you will love to make again and again.

4. Glazed Carrots with Brown Sugar

Young vegetarians are particularly in love with this vegan recipe and if your family consists of many young people then this will do for them. These are the type of recipes that is very quick to fix.

How Sugar-Glazed Carrots are Made

This is achieved by tossing the carrots in sugar, oil, butter, pepper, and salt. Roast in a very hot oven for 30 minutes and the edges of the carrot will get caramelized. Butter will flavor the recipe. 

This can be eaten with non-Asian meals or mushroom rice. This can make your Yuletide season really cool.

5. Vegan Pumpkin Risotto

Pumpkin added to your Italian risotto can be all that you need this season, and you can even share it with your neighbors and loved ones.
 Can be prepared and ready for serving in an hour and 30 minutes.


Butter squash or Pumpkin, olive oil, garlic cloves, onions, butter, risotto rice, grounded cumin, and hot vegetable stock.

How to make Vegan Pumpkin Risotto

The oven heated to temperatures up to 180C then squashed pumpkin and some oil is introduced with a baking tray and allowed for half an hour to roast.
Then make your risotto. Add your cut onions and garlic and allow to heat with oil and a buttered pan. Heat till the onions are soft then introduce the cumin and rice. 
Stir and mix very well with the butter. Start adding the earlier stock gradually into the rice till they disappear. Continue till the rice is well cooked for consumption then introduce the roasted pumpkin and stir.

Shepherd's Pie Recipes 

You can share this age-long meat and dairy-free dish with your family during this holiday.

This recipe can be prepared with corn, green peas, gravy, and any vegan substitute for meat. It is very appetizing and nourishing, and your family will love it. 

Don't let the name fool you, there is no sheep or shepherd involved in making this dish.  This shepherd's pie can be shared with your favorite wine. 

How is Shepherd's Pie Made

  1. First, you need to prepare a potato topping by mashing it.

  2.  This is achieved by slicing it, then adding salt water and transferring it to a simmer. Cook up to 30 minutes till it becomes tender. Remove the water leaving a small amount of water up to a cup. 

  3. Now the potatoes are soft enough to be mashed. 

  4. At this point, you can add vegan butter, sour cream, pepper, and salt and turn till it comes creamy. 

  5. Allow simmering. Now make the filling. 

  6. Get the veggies ready:  garlic, onions, carrots, parsnips, sinkholes, and mushrooms if you desire. 

  7. Fry the mushrooms together with onions in mild heat. 

  8. Introduce the veggies which are chopped already and stir till they get tender. Add beans and some flour. 

  9. Put your veggie broth under heat. Add some depth by adding some miso.

  10. Gradually introduce the broth into the vegetables. This will make it look just like a stew. 

  11. You can add your parsley and a spoonful of mustard. 

  12. Now get ready to put your shepherd's pie together.  Fill your baking dish with some of the prepared fillings. 

  13. Now add small portions of your mashed potatoes on top of the filling and spread covering the top.

  14. Lastly, bake your ready shepherd's pie by placing it on a sheet oven and putting it in the oven for 30 minutes under heat. Make sure it becomes bubbling and golden. 

  15. Now serve warm to your household.

Red Cabbage Vegan Salad

This is another mouth-watering recipe for Christmas. Who says you can't totally avoid milk and meat and still come up with something perfect.


Purple cabbage, carrot, mint leaves, or preferred herbs, for the salad.

Lemon juice, olive oil, tablespoon salt, and black pepper for dressing. 

How To Make Cabbage Vegan Salad

This is pretty simple, mix the servings in a bowl and the serving in another bowl and mix them together.

Then your red cabbage Christmas salad is ready and it's 100% vegan. 

Roast Cauliflower with Tahini

This winter vegetable can be made just perfect for your holiday.


Cauliflower, salt, ground pepper, olive oil, garlic cloves, sesame Tahini, lemon juice, parsley. 

How to make Cauliflower Roasted with Tahini

1. Oven pee heated to 400 degrees. Two bowls were needed, one filled with ice and the other allowed to boil.

As the water is boiling add judicious salt and cauliflower. Allow for 3 minutes then transfer to ice-cold water.

Then drain and dry by blotting. After which take it to a baking dish. 

2. Cauliflower is seasoned with salt, olive oil, and pepper. It is then put in the oven and roasted for up to 30 minutes and stirred intermittently till it turns brown and tender.

3. Grind the garlic cloves with a pestle and mortar then send to a bowl and mix in the sesame Tahini.

Mix with the lemon juice gradually till the mixture gets stiff then add water and stir till it becomes semi-liquid like yogurt.

4. Add parsley and stir, add lemon juice, season with salt and serve alongside the cauliflower. 

Mushroom and Spinach Strudel

Trust me your hubby is going to love this vegetarian meal. 


Red pepper, olive oil, cloves of garlic, mushrooms, dried thyme, spinach, soft cheese, sesame seeds, and filo pastry.


How To Make Mushrooms and Spinach Strudel. 

  1. Cook the pepper till it charrs then remove from heat and chop into pieces. 

  2. Using a large pan for frying, heat a tablespoon of oil. Add thyme, mushroom, and garlic and cook till the mushroom gets soft. 

  3. Reduce heat and add spinach, cover and cook till the spinach is thawed with the mushrooms. 

  4. Then stir in soft cheese and red pepper and cook for two minutes. 

  5. Season it to taste perfect for you and remove it from the fire. 

  6. Add the sheets of filo brushing with oil and joined side to side then add filling and cover with another sheet of filing 

  7. Fold the edges and rollover filing making a strudel.

  8. Take strudel into a baking sheet,  brush with oil and sprinkle with seeds of sesame. Bake until it's golden or 30 minutes. 

Grapefruit, Fennel, and Arugula Salad

Combining fennel, grapefruit, peppery arugula, and avocado can do the magic this Xmas. 


Grapefruit, fennel seeds, honey, Dijon mustard, ground black pepper, extra virgin olive oil, red onion, a fennel bulb, watercress, or baby spinach.

How To Make Grapefruit, Fennel, and Arugula Salad

Remove the peel from one of the two grapefruits. Slice and keep.

Squeeze juice from the other one and keep it too. 

Under medium heat add the fennel seeds to the skillet. 

Cook till it turns fragrant or golden brown. Then cool and grind in a grinder.

Put seeds in a bowl, and add grape juice, mustard, and honey. Add salt and pepper for seasoning. Turn to combine and add olive oil. Now your dressing is ready.


Slice the onions with a sharp knife and put them in a bowl.

Add the rest of the grape juice and toss. 

Slice the fennel, adding grapefruit and spinach using dressing to toss it. 

Potato and Cauliflower Soup

A mixture of potatoes, cauliflower, and onions makes this a sumptuous choice. You can count on these for the yuletide.


Cauliflower, potatoes, onion and garlic, olive oil, vegetable stock, parsley, fresh thyme, pepper, and sea salt.

How To Make Potatoes and Cauliflower Soup

1. Chop your garlic and onions. Use a saucepan to heat the olive oil over moderate heat. Introduce the onions and fry for 5 minutes before adding garlic and allow cooking for 3 minutes.

2. Add cauliflower florets, thyme leaves, and potato stock then allow to cook till the vegetables soften. 

3. Blind the soup with a blender till it gets smooth in consistency and season to your preference. 

Vegan Bell Peppers Stuffed With Couscous 

This veg recipe consists of couscous stuffed bell-type peppers and is a banger. It's easy to make and fast. This can make your appetizer, side dish, or trending flavor. 


Vegetable oil, couscous, bell pepper, olive oil, yellow onion, fennel seeds, zucchini, minced garlic, chop tomatoes.

How To Make Vegan Bell Peppers Stuffed With Couscous 

Heat oven up to 400F cut around pepper stem and remove the seeds and stem. 

Cut the peppers in half putting each side in a baking dish that is olive oil greased. 

Put 3 cups of vegetable broth in a saucepan and allow it to boil. Eliminate heat and add couscous. 
Mix in turmeric and salt till it combines well then cover with a lid. Then put aside and make the filling. Cut the garlic, zucchini, tomatoes, and onions.

With a frying pan heat, a tablespoon of olive oil then adds onions. Heat till it softens. 

Add garlic, oregano, and zucchini, and cook till soft. 

Add black-eyed peas and chopped tomatoes and cook for 3 minutes. Now fold chopped feta and basil with couscous, and season with pepper and salt. 

Use this couscous mixture to stuff the pepper halves cut.  Use foil to cover the pan and bake in the oven for 30 minutes. Take out the foil and bake again for 15 minutes till it becomes tender.

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