How To Know If A Guy Is Committed or Not?

The dream of every person intending to go into a relationship is to bond with someone who commits with ease. Commitment is likened to one of the strongest signs of love. These days a lot of folks out there, make fake commitments, making it almost impossible to enjoy the razzmatazz of love. This article will tell you the signs he will eventually commit or not.

signs he sees you long-termAre you in a relationship with a guy and you find yourself asking this crucial question of how to tell if he has the potential to commit then I encourage you to read on.

Are you going out with a guy who seems to like you a lot or who proclaims to love you but you can’t figure out if he can commit? Probably you’ve been with him for years anticipating that wonderful question.

 The bitter truth is that men including me can be very confusing. No matter your years of experience with men, you can’t take away this mysterious nature.

 Just like women, men are equally hard to figure out. Even when they don’t want emotional engagements with you, they will lure you with funny dates, intimate talks, soft kisses, and mouth-watery gifts.

 A man can be perfect, sweet in the middle, there for you as often as possible, take good care of your needs, and obsessed with making you his spouse. At the same time, he could be secretly seeing another woman and sharing the same things he shares with you.

He may even make so much noise about spending his life with you. His words can come with so much confidence yet he does little or nothing to make it a reality. So you see how pertinent it is to start asking this question about commitment if it hasn’t crossed your mind before.

 How To Tell If You're Wasting Your Time?  How do you know if he wants a committed relationship?

Here’s something to note: Some certain level of fear regarding commitment is normal. When two people fall in love and bond together, it’s very common to have fears spring up about losing one’s self, space, identity, and life goals or pursuits and interests. Both genders entertain these fears every once in a while.

How then do you differentiate between what is normal and hard-core commitment fears? Here is the key…

If your fears and doubts are at the base level, it won’t impede more propulsion into increasing commitment and intimacy. Sometimes it is difficult to decipher if your Romeo can be responsible enough to commit to you and your emotional needs and all that accompanies it.

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How a guy decides to commit

It’s a question that has plagued relationships for centuries: how does a guy decide to commit? While there is no surefire answer, there are some common factors that can influence a man’s decision to take the plunge.

For many men, the decision to commit comes down to finding the right person. A man may date around for years, enjoying the single life, but when he meets the woman who feels like “the one,” he may be ready to settle down. 

Another common reason for commitment is simply timing; a man may feel ready for a serious relationship at a certain point in his life, even if he hasn’t met the perfect partner yet.

Of course, not all men want to get married or have long-term relationships.

Why do guys take time to commit?

It's no secret that men can be commitment-phobes. It seems like every day, another celebrity is in the news for cheating on his long-time girlfriend or wife. So, why do guys take time to commit?

There are a few reasons why men might be hesitant to settle down. For one, they may not be ready to give up their freedom. 

When you're in a committed relationship, you have to compromise on your time and your activities. You can't just go out and party with your buddies whenever you want. You also have to consider your partner's feelings and needs.

Another reason why guys take time to commit is that they may not be sure that the relationship is right for them. They may have doubts about whether their partner is truly the one for them.

Signs He will Eventually Commit:

1. He talks about his issues and fears with you and how to deal with them.

This kind of man sure wants something with you on a long-term basis and not a pastime thing. Someone who is there to just have a taste of the porridge between your thighs will just play along, making you feel good and faultless, just to have a bite. Someone who loves you and is ready to spend his life with you knows that you have flaws just like any other human. Next time he tells you, you’re the best thing walking on this earth and that you’re spotless, just know you’re conversing with a chronic liar and run for your dear life.

2. He’s very responsive 

He is responsive when you raise issues that require attention and does not shove them beneath the carpet. He is genuinely interested in you. He learns new ways to make your life better and your suggestions are handled with huge respective then you’re face to face with a husband material, a life partner and you should do all you can to jealously guard it.

3. Shows commitment to work and improve himself:

Yet to see that perfect person, if he disowns having flaws then you’re probably dealing with a 21st-century skimmer and you’re his next prey so beat him to his game and uncover him. A man that genuinely has your interest at heart will expose his inadequacies and make them glaring enough for you to identify and help him become the better man which you so desire.

4. He’s your coach

Do you see what coaches do to footballers on the field of play? That’s what a man who has the ability to commit to you will do in your life. He is there to make sure you don’t run into mistakes or lose the game of life. 

He plays more like a father role helping to shape you to become the mother of his kids because children tend to acquire 80 percent of traits from their mothers.

5. You become part of his friends and family.

If he hides you from his family and friends, chances are that there is someone else somewhere. 

Also, be careful not to mislead you by some chronic womanizers who have perfected their games so well that they can introduce over 100 girls at different times to their families and all women feel at home thinking they have arrived not knowing they were being played. If this is the case, your ability to read the body language of the people that surround him will give off the truth. 

For example, if you introduce your new girl as a male to your male friends, they would hurriedly call the lady’s name in a familiar way saying you have been talking about them everything even when they have never heard your name before. Be careful, don’t let this kind of person fool you.

6. He introduces you well to people as his girlfriend or better half:

If he finds every opportunity to get you to familiarize yourself with people that really matter in his life then you have about one million yards of husband material. A man in love will immediately commit.

 These people he calls his blood will actually be the ones to approve who they eventually make out with on long time basis. Personally, before I finally decide to launch my manhunt I get my friends to approve first to avoid being the laughing stock. And if you find someone you love, win their best friend and you have won them over with ease.

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7. Share his physical space

If he always wants you there, as in share his immediate environment, my dear you’ve got someone to lean on, someone you can be sure will commit. Someone who is there just for what he can get won’t want to be seen all over the place with you as this will ruin his chances with others. But be extremely careful not to push too much as this can turn a majority of guys off.

8. He knows how to discuss his future

You’re halfway to your destination when you know exactly where you are going from the beginning. If he’s able to properly sell his future plans and it has you in them then you have someone that would commit to you.

9. He’s open to discussing the next step in the relationship

In this kind of relationship, you know what to expect next and that’s definitely what you deserve in a partner. You definitely don’t want someone that will take you by surprise and end up wasting your precious time on something that was never meant to be.

10. He says “I love you” with ease and entertain thoughts or jokes about getting engaged or living together with you.

If he does these things with ease and sincerely, you have someone you can lean on, and trust with your full chest to love and to cherish you till the journey of life ends. these are the signs he sees you long-term.

If he takes these steps mentioned then count yourself lucky, you've got a cool-headed earth guy that can commit and build a home.

Signs he will never commit

Men who don’t really want to commit to you can play out in different ways; some become addicted to video games, food, drink, work, or even tourism. Others can become argumentative or very domineering.

Others still may become extremely passive or start withdrawing from you and disappear from you. Some will go ahead to cheat on you.

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In similar situations, you must remember the problem is not that you’re not offering adequate love or rendering as much as you ought to. The simple truth is that he’s not just available and no matter how hard you try, you can get him to have a rethink on loving you or getting serious with you. My advice is don’t waste your time and energy in this kind of relationship.

This kind of guy does not want you and won't change for you. It’s in your own interest to get out quickly and reduce your losses no matter how difficult it seems. 

Remember if the heat of the kitchen becomes too hard for you to bear, the simple advice is to get out of the kitchen. This will help bring your disappointment and heartache to the minimum.

Know that you deserve the very best when it comes to love and you can’t afford to be with a man that can’t commit. We would like to hear from you if this article on how to know if your man can commit.


If you are wondering if a guy is committed or not, there are several key indicators to look for. First, observe how he treats you and whether he makes an effort to see you regularly. Next, listen to how he talks about the future and whether he includes you in his plans. Finally, consider his level of interest in getting to know your friends and family. If he ticks all of these boxes, then it's likely that he is committed to you.


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