How to make a guy fall in love with you

Dearest reader, have you ever wondered how to make a guy fall in love with you; like what makes them stick like butter on a knife and like ink that you can’t erase. 

The mystery of making a guy fall in love with you is super scintillating, and you can’t exhaust it in a hurry. I suggest you grab a bottle of iced fresh orange juice or if liquor is your thing, a bottle of cold beer, would do while we x-ray how men fall in love.

how to get a guy to fall in love with you

I think this is the best time to learn this subject especially when it’s coming from a man who knows the nitty-gritty of how men fall in love. This is more like telling you how we prefer to fall in love.

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Have you ever pondered on what makes men fall in love or how falling in love works for men? 
I’ve worked more as a counselor and therapist than as a medical doctor and I’ve spent innumerable hours listening to many issues which single, married, and divorced peeps have regarding what they really want in relationships or a life partner. 
Those moments have afforded me an in-depth understanding of what men really want in a relationship and what fuels passion in them and what keeps that attraction spewing hot in the long run and how to make a guy fall in love with you like you're the only woman in this world.

Today is going to be historic, I’ll be spilling my own secrets! These secrets will expose all you need to know.

But wait; take note of this very important reminder. You can’t force love through and you won’t want to waste your time punching a brick wall, unrequited love can be heartbreaking and I don't wish you that.

In fact, I forbid you to go on trying, if it can win you the happiness you so desire. A lot of guys out there aren’t ready to commit yet. Some are so caught up in their own dead-end ideologies and philosophies of life. 

Worst still some are incapable of moving forward from a past hurt. It's funny someone you may be trying hard to win is still fighting hard to heal from heartbreak.

These crops of guys aren’t ready and nothing really you can do in an actual sense to move mountains and tilt the table in your direction. 

Your ability to triage who is available and who isn’t will save you from unnecessary heartache. That’s more like the person I desire you to be after reading this post, I'll especially like you to understand the dynamics of falling in love.

The law of the universe says whosoever isn’t available won't suddenly become available because you want them. This only happens if they have something mutual to benefit and that becomes their own attraction till they get caught up with that flu called love, that’s if they eventually do.

Now let’s dive into the juicy secrets regarding what men want in a partner and how men fall in love.

Steps to winning a man's heart

Having Fun is the first to make a guy fall in love with you.

People have different definitions of fun but in this context, the fun that will get every Dick and Harry running helter-skelter for you isn’t fun in the extreme sense.

 Men like me love happy women who know how to pamper themselves and exude happiness. These breeds of women are nothing short of happy women. You can call this the most important law of attraction and you won’t be wrong. 

You’d discover that the happier you are, the more positive people you attract and the more people cluster around you to share your radiance of joy. This projects you in a light that pleases you and won’t be a thug of war. 

A man loves the fact that it won’t cost so much to get you in that happy elated mood. If on the contrary, you’re moody and challenging to excite then he would inadvertently think pleasing you would be so challenging to do.

 In the field of attraction positive emotions make you irresistibly attractive. And if a man is with you and you feel sad all the time, he feels always that he has failed in his responsibility to be the reason for your happiness. This feeling of being unable to please you will make it hard for him to commit to him.

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Next time there are a thousand reasons to feel sad, just look for that one excuse to be happy; be happy at all costs. This is one of the untold secrets of what makes a man fall in love.

 Be positive

Happiness is what you create not what you acquire from others Whether in a relationship or not, it's so important to create your own happiness and let it spread to others. 

You can have fun in many different ways, go out there, see a movie, reach out to others, go swimming, take yourself and your partner out, invest in making someone else happy and you’d be surprised by the joy you feel that someone else is happy because of you. 

You don’t need to be a party freak to make this fun life possible. Surprisingly there are subtle things you can do that project you as a fun-filled person. 

Don’t also underestimate the power of a smile, smiling against all odds projects you as a strong person and everyone loves strong people not someone that would slash your throat if depression overwhelms them.

Relationships, where fun, expeditions, and enjoying life come first on a scale of preference, are the most successful ones. 

This kind of affair you wish you could stay young together forever, so old age won’t whisk away the good life you’re experiencing. 

When you understand this and other aspects of men and how to make them fall in love you’d find yourself riding on the wings of ecstasy and that relationship of your dreams is finally possible.

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My job is very simple here; to give you the secrets regarding how men fall in love and commit to you like you cast a spell of love on them.

Let him feel how much you need him but don’t be needy (Show your interest). 

Ask yourself one important question, is it possible to want someone and not be needy? Yes, the answer is yes. For example, you need money but you won't go begging on the streets to have some of it.

 You’re not desperate about having it at all costs. This is more like what should be obtainable when it comes to winning over a man. 

Rather than taking all your important decisions all by yourself why not give him the liberty of wise counsel.

Most ladies make this mistake of thinking the only way you’d tell a man that you need him is by putting all your financial burdens on him. 

This in turn is a big mistake and shouldn’t be applied when it comes to winning men. Every man wants an independent lady with some level of dependence and not a totally dependent partner. If you go about it this way you’d be mistaken for being too demanding which is a major turn-off for many. 

You definitely don’t want someone who’d depend on you for the air they breathe.  Also, you will remember some of the fantastic scenery of love we saw back in our various villages of new couples who wouldn’t have a meal till their partner returned from work, not necessarily because they were not hungry but because they depend on each other for appetite. 

Not in any way encouraging this as it would increase the number of peptic ulcer disease and hypoglycaemic episodes. This however is a subtle way of telling your partner how much you need him or her and also another step on how men fall in love.

Make him miss you and don't play games.

Robert Greene one of the most brilliant writers on the subject of self-worth and power that walked this earth taught me much of what I know today about how men fall in love. 

His best-selling book “48 Laws of Power” urged us to use absence to increase our self-worth. This is also true in a romantic/ marital relationship. 

Learn to give your partner some space.

 Not saying you should do this all the time but rather be a good student of life and master when to use this. Remember when you were getting phone calls and text message beeps from that new love bug you met at the mall remember how it felt uncomfortable having to watch your phone ring only to read or listen to the same old stuff all the time. 

Also remember how different you felt when this love suddenly takes away all the attention, phone calls, and text messages. You felt like you were missing something your entire self was already dependent on, right? The good news is you can apply this in your relationship and win his heart effortlessly.

Another easy way to make his heart melt in love is to compliment him only when he truly deserves it and be confident. 

Everyone wants someone that’d tell them the truth especially when it's positive. You don’t even like to be complimented when you do something that deserves accolades or looks really good in your mirror. 

That’s it, dish out all the eulogies when time affords but be careful not to abuse them. If this has a way of reflecting the actual truth he’d be dependent on you to get his vibes and get his emotions on a wavy level. 

You’d be surprised you’d have a shoulder that’s always there for you to lean on. So here you have the top secret to winning his heart, deal with it.

Yet another antic towards winning his heart is to just be yourself. 

Don’t be lost in chasing what you want and lose the best part of yourself. Don’t give up what you have for what you hope to have.  

Be the best person possible for yourself. Remember like begets like. Men love that part of you being able to keep your cool despite your show of how much you want them in your life.  That’s more like it.

You can also win him by appreciating his Masculinity (Be positive); 

we don’t want another man in a relationship with us, if it were so we would all be gays, we just want the truest meaning of feminine when it comes to falling in love and how men fall in love. 

We want someone to support us not another authority. If you can offer this then you have us wiping your tears with our tongues.

Not also a bad idea to let him know you’re thinking of him, you see those random calls we give to let you know we are thinking of you. 

We want something like that too, men too are humans and love to be appreciated. We love someone that highlights the best part of us and this drives us nuts.

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The list is not exhaustive on how to make a guy fall in love with you, I’ll go on and on to share what I know works in relationships but am too careful to keep the volume as minimal as possible in order not to bore you. 

I’ll rather end with a word of advice. I encourage you to be patient. Don’t be in a hurry to have what you want as fast as you’d desire it to come. 

Remember time has a way of changing the scheme of things and in due course what will be yours will always be yours and you can have that man of your dreams. God bless all of us.

How long does it take to fall in love? 

There is no time limit for falling in love, it is not time-bound. For some people, it can happen in a short time while for others it can take longer. So if someone asks you how long it take to fall in love with you, you can't really say. You can't put a time limit on your answers. The only sure thing is if you apply the right steps you will be certain of love in the end.

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