How to deal with narcissist partner

A person has a Narcissist personality disorder when he has an elevated sense of importance. He or she craves excessive attention and admiration from people.  

You may not be sure if your partner is one or not. Some people wonder if the person they are dating has little emotion towards others or has unending issues in their relationship.

A narcissistic boyfriend exhibits selfishness at the expense of others, and a lack of regard for the interest or happiness of the other party as well as a narcissist girlfriend. 

A narcissist test for your partner will reveal some of these things and tell you exactly who they are.

When a person is romantically entangled with one, it is very difficult or if not impossible to detect. No wonder some go to the point of evaluating their partner to know if they have a Narcissist personality disorder.

Some may evaluate the treatments you receive in their relationship to know if their partner is exhibiting Narcissist traits. It is always advised not to diagnose your partner in conversations. 

This article will help you and give you tips to know if your partner has NPD and how to deal with such a partner in a relationship.

How do you know if your partner is a narcissistic?

1. They were romantically charming at the initial stage of the relationship:

At the initial stage of having a narcissist in a relationship, they text you constantly, call you at intervals, and expressed their undying love and affection towards you.

They may also have told you how important, attractive and intelligent you are and how you both complement each other. They usually have an understanding that they deserve the best and are supposed to be with the best.

 But people with this NPD try to construct superficial connections early in a relationship, you fall short of their high expectations, and they turn you off completely. 

At first, you will wonder what you have done or what great offense you have committed. Now, all this has nothing to do with you, it is their belief and understanding that stands in the way of the relationship they have with others.

2. They talk about their achievements all the time

One of their numerous traits is that they enjoy talking about their achievements. The aim of doing this is to show you that they are smarter and better than every other person. 

It gives them a feeling of being secured within. Most times they exaggerate their past achievements to gain admiration from people. If you are entangled with one, you will notice that they try to keep talking about themselves without listening to you, and they will not engage in conversation that will relate to you or your well-being.

3. They lack empathy

Empathy involves having the ability to feel how another person is feeling. Where this is absent, it is an attribute of a narcissist in a relationship.

A Narcissist will make you feel unseen, invalid, not understood, or accepted because they lack empathy. If your partner does not care how bad your day was, how you were able to resolve a problem, get yourself out of trouble or accomplished a great task, or get bored when you relate the issues to him, then you are in with one. 

Most of them have broken relationships not because they are not romantic but for their lack of empathy.

4. No close friends

If your partner does not have a close friend or close friends but only has acquaintances that are people he talks down on, know you have a Narcissist as a partner. 

As they do not have one, they will not wish you to have any. They pick offenses when you want to hang out with your buddies and accuse you of not having time for them.

5. They constantly put you down

When your partner gets angry at almost everything you do, and how you act; It’s a sign that your partner is a narcissist in a relationship with you. 

What you eat irritates them, what you wear, how you eat, sleep, dance, and how you cook will probably put them off. 

They call you ridiculous names, make jest of you often, and use one-line hurtful words. Their aim is to lower your self-esteem so that they can pride in their elevated ego as this gives them power. 

When you make an achievement, they look for a word to knock you off to show you that you are not better off than them. They live in a delusion that nobody is better.

6. They emotionally manipulate and abuse you

Having a narcissist in a relationship can be so difficult and mind-tasking as they abuse and manipulate you emotionally. This is also known as gaslighting. They spew tremendous lies, forge stories against others, twist the truth, and pervert justice.

How to know if you have been emotionally robbed in a relationship with a narcissistic partner is simple.

You know this when you feel that you have lost yourself, you lose your self-value, and your self-esteem, you accuse yourself of being too sensitive, you see no good in whatever you do, you are always apologizing, you can not figure out what the main issue is, you scrutinize your responses to his questions, and you try to cover up for his delinquencies

7. They are unable to commit in a relationship

They love to be treated as a part of the relationship, they want intimacy, emotional attachment, s£xual benefits, and closeness while they have their eye on others who they deem to be worthier partners.

They flirt with the other s£x, having multiple internet conversations with them, and they find pleasure in admiring the body parts of the opposite s£x. When you pay attention to this, they blame you for trying to cause trouble or nag.

8. They are unapologetic

Arguing with a narcissist is baseless; an impossible and unrealistic mission because they are always right. They see every disagreement as an opportunity to lecture others on some truth. 

They never apologize when they are wrong but rather look for a possible route to justify their actions. Likewise, they lack the mental capacity to take responsibility for an issue, and they never compromise their part.

9. They don't want a breakup

He or She fights to keep the relationship in check. Their doing this does not mean that they are willing to change from their old ways or nature, they only want to continue their tricks of manipulation. They fear break-ups and dread losing their partners.

How to heal from a Narcissistic partner

The way out:

Living with a Narcissist or having a relationship with one comes with its emotional traumas, hurt, confusion, and self-hate. This will help you in your healing

1. Accepting the abuse

Recognizing and accepting the abuse can fasten the healing process when you're with a narcissistic boyfriend or girl.

2. Cut ties with them

Block them off, set your boundaries, and stick to them, if you have children with them, it may be difficult to cut them off completely. The best option is to set boundaries and be resolute about them.

3. Prepare for Emotional traumas from a narcissistic boyfriend (girlfriend)

4. Understand that the emotional attachment may linger

5. Practice self-compassion as it purges one of self-guilt

6. Go on a compulsory vacation to wash the memories off

7. Be open to others

8. Pay regular visits to a therapist.


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