How To Know If a Guy is Serious About You

Before venturing into a relationship or while in one it is important you consider if the guy is serious about you, this is very important, to avoid being serious about someone that isn't ready for entanglement yet.

There are two important elements in growing and developing a relationship. The first one is compatibility and the second is chemistry. 

These exist side beside and none can exist independently of the other one. Most times we assume that the other party likes us, or we look out for signs which will give us a signal that he truly likes us. 

When we get those positive signals, we run into a relationship, but these can be dangerous, especially finding ourselves entangled with someone we are not compatible with. 

Someone you are not compatible with can not help you to grow and maintain a strong and healthy relationship.

signs a guy is seriously interested in you

Signs he's serious about you

There are certain signs you will see in your man, and you know that he is ready for a serious and healthy relationship with you.

1. He is secure with both connection and independence:

This involves being part of his life, doing most things together; shopping, cooking, going on dates, having dinner and time out together, and working on a project together. You can also do some of these alone and still have the feeling of being secured around them. 

This can also involve having their support in your career, hobbies, and passions, making friends, undergoing, and engaging in new business ventures. You can be independent and still feel secure around them.

2. He is generous to you and also receives from you:

Sometimes we find ourselves in a relationship where we are always giving to the other party, or we are always receiving from the other partner without such being mutual. This is truly a sign of a toxic relationship. Once he is willing to give you and also willing to receive from you, it is a sign of a healthy relationship.

3. He accommodates the good and bad:

There are times we have good successes and bad ones, and we experience the good and bad times too. Your healthy partner realizes this and does not connect their values to everything always working perfectly. 

They do not hold you to a high standard of perfection or easily write you off over a little misfortune. They exercise patience with you and exhibit a higher level of understanding in your trying times. Likewise, they show compassion and empathy in times of extreme hardship. That kind of partner will make the relationship healthier and smoother.

4. He doesn't make only his needs a priority in the relationship:

In a relationship, we have our needs. And the partner who knows how to wait and delay gratification realizes that they are not the only one with needs in the relationship. As much as they want their needs met, they are willing to do it in such a way that it allows the other partner to have their needs met too.

 This can surface in their sexual lives, especially when the man is in the mood for sex and the woman is not sexually ready. A mature partner will wait until the woman is 100% ready for sex because he wants her to be comfortable and relaxed before engaging in the sexual act. 

An immature partner, a partner who is not ready for a great and steady relationship, will pressure you to make you feel guilty because you are not giving in to his sexual demands. This behavior in a man infiltrates its way into the other aspects of the relationship and becomes cancerous to the relationship. But if he is ready to take care of your needs as well as his, then he is ready for something serious with you.

5. He knows how to set limits and boundaries:

He has limited both in the relationship and in real-life situations. As partners in the relationship, what you both affirm affects the commitment you both have in the relationship. When you both have affirmed something which might be to a family member, a friend, or a boss, have an influence on the relationship. 

If you take up a job in a firm that gives you less time for your significant other, or you take up more roles in your office which keep you occupied all the time and give little or no attention to the other person in the relationship is a sign of lack of seriousness. 

A person who is willing to have a healthy relationship knows how to set boundaries, especially when given an unreasonable offer or confronted with an over-demanding personality. It is only an immature Man that says yes to every opportunity without considering its compatibility with his relationship.

6. He knows conflict resolution mechanisms

Relationships have joyful moments and also there are sad moments too. Your man’s ability to handle a conflict is a skill and this determines whether a relationship will last longer or break down along the line. The ability to handle issues helps to contribute to the quality of that relationship.

 An unhealthy partner does not confront conflict in order to resolve it instead he sweeps it under the carpet or pretends that nothing happened or even moves the blame on you. When the problem escalates, they explode and begin to apportion blame, then it becomes pretty hard to resolve such conflict. 

A healthy partner would always want to talk about an issue that has arisen in a relationship, and he is willing to find the best working solution to it and everyone moves on. This keeps the energy in the relationship, it also makes the relationship sweeter and lighter even a lot more fun and the relationship lasts longer.

7. He is remorseful when wrong.

If he makes a mistake and does not become defensive but rather owns up to them, then you are with a man who is ready for a serious relationship with you. An insecure and immature Man finds it difficult to say he is sorry or make an apology, he feels by saying that, demeans his status in the relationship. 

Make it your red flag that if your partner is wrong and finds It pretty difficult to say sorry, then he is unhealthy for you. A guy who says sorry is mature enough and secure enough to have an exciting and long-lasting relationship with you. 

We hope you learned from our 7 ways to know if a guy is serious about you.

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