Unbelievable: 100+ Things Jehovah Witnesses Can't Do

There are quite a number of things you are not expected as a member of the Jehovah's Witness fold; we will consider over 100 things they can’t do in this article.

100 things Jehovah witnesses can't do

If you are already a witness maybe you can confirm these doctrines exist and if you intend joining then you can rethink if you can truly keep to the rules faithfully.

1. You can’t join a social club where you will associate with unbelievers

It is forbidden to be among them and also be a member of a social club where you will unite with unbelievers and do things that Jehovah frowns at like drinking smoking and sharing ungodly jokes. The reason is that likes will always give birth to likes, and the old adage that says you’re just like your friends. As a member of the fold, you have no business joining social clubs, old boys' associations, traders' associations, women’s meetings, age grades, etc.

2.   Keep friends with unbelievers are those who don’t share the faith:

You can’t be part of this religious sect and be friends with people who have varied opinions on religion, God, and eternity. You are not allowed to have friends who are Muslims, Buddist, Pagans, or even belong to other Christian faith who share contrary religious beliefs. In my opinion, I think this is wrong as it goes against religious tolerance, where you can still co-exist and be friends with someone who has contrary views on religion.

3.       Unnecessary association with nonmembers of the fold

You are not expected to have unnecessary associations or business dealings with members outside the fold. You are to do this more often with those considered your brothers and sisters in the faith who attend the same organization.

4.       Show presence at functions organized by employers except it is compulsory and attendance is taken:

If your employer organizes social events, chances are that you will be prone to associating with unbelievers and doing stuff with unbelievers and Jehovah hates this. You are not expected to honor such an occasion. Look for a way to excuse yourself except it is compulsory and attendance is to be taken then attend but take caution so as to not sin or share in their ungodly ways.

5.       Have social relationships with co-workers:

After the day’s work, you are not expected to relate with your co-workers especially in social settings so as not to annoy Jehovah. You are to keep it business always and not go socializing so you can be guaranteed paradise in the end.

6.       Can’t disagree or disobey the code of conduct that govern Jehovah's witness.

This is one of the most important things Jehovah witnesses forbid. You are to obey all the rules and observe codes of conduct no matter how uncomfortable it may be to you. You must do this so as to maintain order in the organization and be part of those who will be in paradise on the last day. Note that if you must be part of them you are not permitted to disagree with the rules.

7.       Go against the doctrine of the sect

It is unheard of that a member should go against the doctrines of the sect. Bear it in mind that you must obey every doctrine set aside by the leaders of the religious organization and if you go contrary you will be booted out and excommunicated.

8.       Defending the country by joining the armed forces.

As a committed member, you are not allowed to join the army or armed forces to defend the country. The reasons for this I can’t certainly explain but will try to make more in-depth research on why the leadership of the JW sect considers this necessary.

9.       Raising funds for presidential campaign fund

Before now we all know witnesses don’t partake in elections but what you didn’t know is that they are also forbidden to raise money for presidential campaign funds. 

This is a way to completely wash their hands off politics for good. Remember JW doesn’t believe in the government of this world.

10.   Saluting the national flag

On no account should members be seen saluting the national flag. Over here they believe all honor of such level should be given only to God.

11.   Saying the allegiance pledge

AS a Jehovah's witness you are not permitted to say the pledge of allegiance, like reciting the national pledge.

12.   Exercise franchise by voting or be voted for

The body doesn’t believe in the physical election of individuals for elective offices so it's completely against voting by members. So as one of them you can’t vote.

 Also, you can’t be voted for in any organization if you are one of them. If you do so you are going contrary to the rules of the existence of the body.

13.   Contest election to lead JW

Leading the organization is strictly appointed and never by-election. The next leaders are invited and given appointments to lead.

 So if you're eye leading the organization then just know that you can’t do so by election but rather hope that the powers of above can deem you fit for it.

14.    Take sides in any political issue that arises in the organization

If political issues arise in the organization which is not usually expected, it is against the rules for you to take sides, rather frown on it and never support it.

15.   Support any political issue within or outside the sect

As a member you are required to be apolitical, you should not be involved in politics in any form and should not take part in any form be it in the organization or in the world at large. Just note that as a member if you support a particular person to become the next president of Nigeria, you are sinning without knowing.

16.   It is forbidden to campaign for any candidate in politics.

17.   Taking up a political office is forbidden. You can support any candidate vying for a political office if you belong to the organization.

18.   Talking about politics is prohibited, take note so you don’t sin if you belong here.

19.   You can be a steward for a shop or union.

20.   You can’t actively participate in strike action by a trade union like we have lecturers of the Academic staff union of universities  (ASUU) in Nigeria striking.

21.   Can’t employ guns to protect yourself against humans.

22.   Just like stated above you are forbidden to become a police officer since it involves guns to protect yourself.

23.   It is also against the rules to wear any uniform that signifies war like the military uniform

24.   You can’t practice Yoga or take Yoga classes. If you love JW then Yoga is not for you and if you love Yoga JW is not for you.

25.   Smoking is prohibited, this one is prohibited in all moral standing religions. As a faithful member avoid Cigars and all forms of tobacco.

26.   You can’t sell Cigars or tobacco.

27.   You can’t attend or join alcoholics party or groups like Alcoholics Anonymous

28.   You can accept a blood transfusion. The organization is very particular about this and are at the forefront of research that utilizes blood alternative to correct anemia.

29.   You are not allowed to donate blood no matter the reason.

30.   Can’t read about other religions. As a member avoid books, publications, magazines, and works of literature of other religions.

31.   Don’t give donations to encourage churches to run a store.

32.   Don’t patronize a church store

33.   Don’t buy stuff at the gate of the church.

34.   Never work for the Salvation army.

35.   Don’t patronize Salvation Army

36.   Never work for another church

37.   Don’t be part of school competitive games

38.   Profession sports competition is not allowed.

39.   Don’t contest the election to become president of your class.

40.   And you can’t be a cheerleader

41.   School Prom or dance is prohibited, as a member never attends.

42.   Class reunions are not allowed.

43.   Members can’t be hypnotized.

44.   Never accept Jesus as mediator according to 1 Timothy 2:5

45.   Joining boys scout is not allowed.

46.   You can’t join girl's guide as a member

47.   YMCA is forbidden for members.

48.   You can’t serve on jury duties.

49.   You can’t study some courses in schools like philosophy, psychology, or sociology to avoid changing your stand on faith.

50.   Attending other Christ-believing churches is also against the rules, it is among the 100 things Jehovah's witnesses can’t do.

51.   Attending nonchristian churches is also forbidden

52.   Jw members are not allowed to attend nondenominational churches.

53.   You can’t marry from another church. In fact, I use to have one sweetheart in med school then who was a deep Jehovah's witness, all the chemistry and biology were there but she rejected me based on the logic that I was not converted to her faith.

54.   You can date unbelievers

55.   Casual dating is against the rules.

56.   Dating for pass time is not permitted; if you must date then it must be for the sole purpose of marriage. If you intend to date just for fun then you must resign from the Jehovah witness faith.  

57.    Having premarital sex is not permitted just like in other Christian churches.

58.   You will face disciplinary action if you break the engagement, separate, or have an unscriptural divorce.

59.   Homosexuality is completely against the rules; g*y and l*sbianism are totally unacceptable.

60.   Throwing rice at a wedding is not acceptable in the faith.

61.   The only acceptable reason for divorce is divorce, which is what they refer to as scriptural divorce.

62.   If you divorce you are not permitted to remarry except if your ex was the one who committed adultery first.

63.   You can’t toast drinks at a party.

64.   Buying a raffle ticket is not accepted

65.   You can’t play bingo

66.   Gambling is prohibited

67.   You can’t sing holiday songs

68. Jehovah's Witnesses are not allowed to sing the National Anthem.

69.   You can’t celebrate Christmas or Xmas.

70.   Celebration of New year's Eve is also not allowed.

71.   You are not allowed to celebrate Easter as well.

72.   You can’t celebrate Mother’s Day

73.   Father’s Day celebration is also not allowed

74.   You are not allowed to celebrate birthdays.

75.   Thanksgiving celebration is not allowed for Jehovah's witnesses.

76.   Celebration of Veteran’s Day is prohibited

77.   You can’t celebrate flag day.

78.   Saint Patrick’s Day celebration is not for witnesses.

79.   Lovers Day celebration popularly known as Valentine’s Day celebration should never be celebrated by JW members.

80.   You can’t celebrate Halloween

81.   Hannukkah celebration is out of it.

82.   You can’t take holiday gifts

83.   The only holiday you are allowed to celebrate is the death of Jesus.

84.   You can’t participate in communion (wine and bread which represents the body and blood of christ) except you are part of 144,000.

85.   You can’t make any holiday artwork for your school.

86.   Every holiday party at school is prohibited

87.   Members should never take up leadership roles at school

88.   You cant watch or act p*rn

89.   You can’t dress or dance in a seductive way in a public place.

90.   Attending a crusade, seminar, or workshop organized by another church is a sin.

91.   Social events and fundraising meetings organized by other churches are not for JW members.

92.   You can’t curse or use bad words as a member.

93.   Wearing blue jeans, casual clothes, and shorts is prohibited around the premises of kingdom hall.

94.   Wearing pants is forbidden for women around Kingdom Hall.

95.   Revealing dresses or too short dresses are prohibited around the kingdom hall.

96.   You are not permitted to wear long hair or beards(facial hairs) in some countries for men.

97.   Zero tolerance for body piercings.

98.   Having tattoos on your body is a sin

99.   You can’t say or criticize the watchtower as not coming from Jehovah.

100. You can’t discuss views contrary to the organization’s bible beliefs.

101.  You can’t speak negative things about JW.

102.   Members can’t consider other religions and their beliefs as truthful and valid.

103.  Never validate prayers from non-believers.

104. You can’t settle differences with a fellow member in court.

105.  You can’t own a cross or wear one.

106.  You can’t have any religious pictures.

107.  You can’t own any statue that symbolizes religion.

108.  Engaging in Idolatory is completely forbidden.

109. The only miracle you should believe are only the ones you find in the bibe, outside this, every other one Is considered fake and not from God.

110.  You can’t believe in ghosts.

111.  Practicing witchcraft is prohibited

112.  You can’t practice black magic.

113.  White magic is also against the faith.

114.  You can’t be a psychic and can’t consult one.

115. You should have nothing to do with Tarot cards. Don’t read or allow others read to you.

116. Numerology isn’t for you and never gets it to read to you.

117. Never entertain divination, browsing, or extrasensory perception.

118. Never use a pendulum to get information from the realm of the spirit.

119. You can’t attempt or commune with departed spirits.

120.  Attending séance is forbidden.

121. Members shouldn’t believe in Good luck and never allow others to wish them good luck.

122.  Never believe or say superstitious things.

123. Don’t believe in prophecy

124. Speaking in tongues is not welcomed.

125.  No laying of hands in any form.

126. Energy healings like Reiki is discouraged.

127.  Horoscope reading is not allowed.

128.  Zodiac and Astrology signs are not allowed.

129. Don’t accept kickboxing, martial arts, and combat training.

130. Don’t believe in going to heaven except you belong to the 144000 individuals.

131. Never worship Jesus as God

132. Never idolize Celebrities or love them too much.

133.   Never have women as elders in the church.

134. Don’t make women ministerial servants( these are assistants to elders).

135. They are not permitted to give entrusted information to enemies or anybody not entitled to know.

136. Never greet, talk or have discussions with disfellowshiped persons.

137. Never hide erring members, always report members who break the rules to the organization even if they are your family relatives.

138. Never have any association with disfellowshiped persons except they are your immediate family members who share the same roof with you.

139.  Never play immoral music

140. You can’t attend a strip party.


What happens if a Jehovah Witness Member Breaks the rules?

If as a member you go against any of these rules, the organization doesn’t take it lightly; you either get dissociation or get removed from fellowship. Disfellowshipped members are treated like outcasts, members are not allowed to greet, discuss or have anything to do with such members.

Members are encouraged to report erring members as hiding them is also guilty of breaking the rules. The punishment will depend on the particular rules broken as they all have varying weights.

The accused person needs to admit guilt or will require at least two persons as witnesses to be convicted of the offense before punishments can be meted out.

A panel of elders usually imposes the punishment and they urge every other member to avoid every relationship and communication with the disfellowshipped member.

An estimated number of 70000 members gets disfellowshipped annually and this only represents 1% of the sects’ population. Names of these dissociated members are published in their local kingdom halls so members can identify them and cut ties.


What if you decide to leave?

Members who can’t take it anymore and decides to leave may risk losing their loved ones who are still in the faith as well.

Friends, relatives, and well-wishers who remain in the faith are advised to sever every tie with you or risk being dissociated.

 For some persons who can’t handle this social isolation, this can spell doom and there are a few cases of people who went on to become depressed with suicidal ideation.

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We have considered 140 things Jehovah's witnesses can't do, some of them are ridiculous and hard to believe but remains the way of life of JW faithful. It is advised that if you are not comfortable with these doctrines you might consider a switch of religion and learn to respect other people's beliefs.


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