How to become a super Model in 2023

how to become a model with no money
Do you have that kind of beauty that can make someone forget his name? Have you noticed wandering eyes on you while taking a walk or has someone confessed openly about your beauty, physique, or curves? Congratulations if you fall into this category. 

This natural endowment can earn you fame and fortune in a few months. In this guide, you'll learn how to become a model and make money from it.
The kind of beauty am describing is not out-of-this-world beauty; the truth is everyone has beauty hidden in them. You probably just need the right professional touch to bring out the beauty in you.

If you’re not interested in making legitimate money with your beauty, I advise you to stop at this point. No need to read this article to the end. 

I don’t mean prostituting your way to money. I mean getting endorsed by popular brands and companies as their modeling ambassador and getting chunks of money and popularity.
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First I’ll like you to know succeeding in modeling is not rocket science; it’s achievable if only you’re armed with the right information and determination to make it.

What you need to venture into the modeling business

There are a few things you need to work on to get started with becoming a supermodel, be it in Nigeria or any other part of the world. I will list them right away.

1.       PHYSIQUE

This usually makes the difference between models and other humans. Models have this attractive physique that everyone dreams to have.  For some, it comes naturally and for others, you need diets and exercise to bring out the physique in you. 

As a female aspiring to become a model your b**bs and breasts are your biggest assets. In case you’re disappointed with the way they look currently; I have good news for you.  A lot of life hack techniques are available online and on youtube to bring them to shape.  

A good agency will link you to the best diets and exercise therapy. This not only brings out the beauty in you, but it also improves your health as well.


Of what use is having a hot sexy body embellished with nice curves on a not-too-good-looking face?  As a model, it becomes very important to work on your face. Different creams and products are available to give you great facial skin and a look that appeals to many.  

As simple as drinking a lot of water helps reduce wrinkling and the effects of aging. Eating more fruits and vegetables will also do the magic of a healthy face and skin.


Two things are very important, hair that looks good and smell good. Has your hair been done by professionals? Research unique hairstyles that match your face.  Use good hair conditioner products to reduce hair loss and balding.


A good gait and walking pattern project your beauty. It helps show off your assets in a subtle but attractive manner. A lot of materials and youtube videos are available that addresses this area.


You can start off by getting nice shots from the nearest studio. Employ a good designer to set up a blog or social media account for you. Use these platforms to promote yourself.


Different types of modeling exist. Popular amongst them are Fashion, commercial, glamour, runway, fitness, and bikini models.  Depending on your passion and what suits you best as a person you can choose the category of modeling you’ll love to enroll.


This will make the difference if you’ll succeed in modeling or not. A good modeling agency will take care of all the shaping, training, and branding you need. They also go as far as securing jobs for you.  

Also while going for any pageantry your agency has a lot to do to ensure you win.  There are a lot of mushroom agencies in Nigeria and only a few good ones. I advise you make your choice of modeling agency carefully as they either make or mar you.
We must have heard names like Xray models, Beth Models, JC models, and Gloria Kelvin.


Lots of Modelling agencies are available out there and as a newbie, you need to take steps to find the perfect one for you. Your agency will represent you and get you the jobs. 

They make their own money from getting commissions when their models are hired for sessions and shoots. This is more like serving as a talent manager. to find the best modeling agency you have to do the following:
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Do thorough research before taking your portfolio to any agency. Find out if the agency is worth your time and efforts. The best agencies will have their footprints online so you can go online and find out about the best in the industry around your locality, also look out for reviews both positive and negative. 

Go through their web pages, social media handles, and models who are currently under their company. Online you'll find the contact of various agents you can get to work with and who knows chances are that you might get lucky.


A book is very important to you as a newbie in modeling. Booker will be the one to put your portfolio in order for shoots and companies and buttress the strength that makes you the best fit for modeling. He/She will be the one presenting you to the agency's clients. 

When you find the perfect booker that every agency has, please don't pay the ugly price of trying to entice them with your body if they are of the opposite sex as this is the wrong way to go about starting off your career. 

I expect you to have a meeting with the booker before you finally say I do to the agency. The booker will answer pertinent questions and help you decipher how professional the environment is around the agency.


Mediocre agencies are out to milk you and live on the little you have while good agencies will not ask you to pay upfront fees to get you on board. Legit agencies will most likely enter a commission-based contract with you and usually the initial cost of marketing and branding you is on them. 

Others will require you to refund the initial money spent on packaging as soon as you start earning. This isn't a bad idea but I beg you in the name of God, run from those ones that will charge an exorbitant registration fee, and administrative and or consultation fees. Your test shoots, modeling, and acting lessons will be covered b your agency.


The right questions will keep you on course in this industry. Ask about their track record and how they will achieve the target of promoting your brand. Ask about how long they have been in the business and how they came into existence. 

Every detail may not make sense at first but you'll make an informed choice. If they already have a pool of children signed on to their outfit for children-based agencies will mean less likely for your child to get a job with them.

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