How to Become a Better Writer

How become a better writer
Today I'll be sharing simple tips on how to become a better writer.  Just like most of us, maybe you aspire to write more engaging content or get more readership.

Probably you are finding it challenging to write your content, either for your blog, website, or an email to a friend or your boss. This shouldn't deter you. Even some big authors also see writing as challenging but have devised ways to get around it.  Take a glass of water and enjoy this article.

The written word is King in this era we are in now. And if you’re going to write some great content this year, you might as well learn how to give it your absolute best.

Below are my 9 ways anyone can become a better writer:

1. Have a Clear Intention

Before starting your writing,  ask yourself: Why am I writing?
What’s my desired outcome with this particular piece of writing?
Are you writing to lighten up someone's morning? Get your team back on their feet after conceding defeat? Sell your ideas to some folks?
You must have a clear intention to make the best writing. Choose it—and commit to it

2. Get Straight  to the Point

 Be brave for brevity is gold. Use your hammer to hit the nail on the head.
If you have problems getting to the point, take time out to think about the audience, person (or people) with which your writing is targeted, and create headway for yourself. Be able to define the following:
Your reason for writing :
What is it you intend to know:
What you desire the person or people do:
 Then start writing and refer to these three points as you write, to keep yourself on track.

3. Strip it Down

Show your understanding of the subject matter by writing in a way that even a six-year-old hearing the story will understand.
For instance, consider your audience to be some kids who are probably impatient, don't tolerate jargon, and can be easily distracted. 

4. Write From Your Comfort Zone 

Forcing yourself to write under stress never really works, at least not for me. No writer performs best under stress. We just need some ambiance of comfort and happiness to put down that awesome piece of writing.

Your creativity is at its peak when you write from your comfort zone where you are well relaxed and comfortable with some gush of dopamine. Some soothing music can get them in this mood and that's what is required to churn out some magical piece of writing.

5. Allocate  a Time Limit

For someone like me, the longer I fuss over a piece of writing, the worse it gets.
When there is clarity of reason for writing and taken when happy and relaxed, your first piece turns out great, with no beating around the bush.

6. Close Strong

Lost in a sea of never-ending write-ups? Build questions build upon questions, and without taking decisive action?
Try taking a bold stance, rather than ending your writing with an open-ended prompt.
Finish in such a way that leaves out a reader with questions. This way you will get comments flooding your posts.

8. Say it Out Loud

Whenever possible, read your writing out loud.
Figure out how good it sounds, if it doesn't work more on it.

9. Be a Daymaker

Be a source of positivity to anybody that reads your content. Let the hopeless find your content and find hope again. Use your piece of writing to lighten up someone's day. One compliment or kind words can leave a lasting impact on people.

Set “Daymaker” as your yardstick for success—for your writing, and for everything you do.
No matter the imperfections in your writing your intent will come through for you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get heard. It's nice having you here. Have a great day.

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