This article is about MTN Data Plans 2022, we review all the plans available on the network and provide you with code for MTN data plans.

As we know the MTN is the telecom giant in Nigeria, for every 10 mobile users you have, chances are that 7-8 persons use an MTN sim.

They boast of huge subscribers across the country that run into millions. Aside from being the biggest, they are the most reliable when it comes to connectivity, network, and data, they are believed to have the fastest data connectivity in Nigeria. Compared to others they have a stable connection for browsing, no wonder they are a household name among the internet community in Nigeria.

Are you in search of the latest MTN Data Plan?  One advantage of the MTN network is that it offers very fast Internet connections virtually in all parts of the country. You will agree with me that one thing Internet consumers love is speed.

A lot of other telecommunication companies in the country will offer you expensive data with little to no internet network to use it but MTN offers a wide range of pocket-friendly data plans which is tailor-made for your needs and budget,  from an average user or bing data consumer MTN has something for everyone. I will take my time to review all the  MTN Data Plans prices and subscription codes just the way you’d love to have them all in one place.

Looking for various data plans on MTN and how to subscribe to them here is all you need,  culled directly from the MTN website and up to date. So feel free to subscribe to your favorite data plan and enjoy speedy connectivity.

Some popular MTN Data Plans

  • MTN double data subscription
  • MTN daily data plans
  • MTN 2 Days data plan Subscription
  • MTN 3 Days data plan
  • MTN midnight data plans
  • MTN Weekly data plans
  • MTN monthly data plans
  • MTN 60 days data plans
  • MTN 90 days data plans
  • MTN 120 days data plans
  • 12 Yearly data plans
To Subscribe Simply Text"104" to 131
2. Mtn Mega Daily Plans offers 150MB at
N200 for 24 Hrs
To Subscribe simply Text"113" to 131
3. Mtn Weekly plan of 150MB at N300 for 7 Days
To subscribe simply Text"102" to 131
500MB + 250MB (*bonus data)
7 Days
Text"103" to 131
5.Monthly Plans
1GB + 500MB (*bonus data)
30 Days
Text"106" to 131
6. 2.5GB + 1GB(*bonus data)
30 Days
Text"110" to 131
7.5GB N3,500 30 Days
Text"107" to 131
8.10GB N5,000 30 Days
Text "116" to 131
9.22GB N10,000 30 Days
Text"117" to 131
10. 60 Days Data PLAN 50GB
N20,000 60 Days
Text"118" to 131
11. Quarterly Plans 85GB
N50,000 90 Days
Text"133" to 131
Note: (*bonus data) will be available for use from 1:00am – 7.00am.
Or simply dial *131# to activate any of the data plans.
For those who needs free browsing codes. We have provided links on this site to posts that teach you the latest free browsing codes.  Feel free to try out the free browsing and share your testimony with us.  Hope you enjoyed our Mtn Latest Data Plan

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