How To Increase Website Traffic For Free: 10 Best Ways

This blog post is about how to drive traffic to your website for free and 10 ways to increase website traffic. Every content marketer or blogger will agree with me that a huge part of your success lies in how much traffic you attract, this is just simply how many persons stop by your blog to read the wonderful contents you put up. The next issue will be how to increase website conversions.

10 Ways To Increase Website Traffic

11. Forum Marketing

A web forum is a great place to share your expertise with people asking questions related to your industry.  By answering peoples’ questions and helping them out, you’ll increase website traffic for free. Usually, you are to set up your signature which includes a little bit of who you are and relevant links and social media profiles. Your signature tells other members who you are and the kind of topics you’re interested in. Make very good use of it because it can tremendously affect your traffic.
Increase website traffic

2.        Blog Commenting

Here you’re making your blog go viral by dropping relevant comments on other popular blogs you follow. This trick works wonders. When I was starting off blogging I was getting very low traffic until one day I decided to use this strategy which I’m currently discussing here.

My blog traffic tremendously increased. It rose from 10 page views to 10K+ views. Nice, isn’t it? For the first time in my blogging career then I felt so happy that up to 10K persons actually saw what I wrote. Different styles work for this strategy but what I use most is the HTML tag.  This is actually easy,  just at the end of your comment include READ MORE This automatically includes a hyperlink back to your blog. Visitors who read your comments and click the read more will be redirected to your site.
3.   Content Marketing
Writing great content will get you more shares and a greater online presence. Also, search engines find it easier to index your site as your contents are original and solve a particular problem. Not just some spam low-content site trying to siphon traffic from google search engines. 

As the saying goes good content sells itself, you will be surprised at how well your blog will grow if you change from stealing other people’s posts and articles and start creating unique posts that attract good viewership. Nothing increases your web traffic better than having great content. Regardless of if it is blog posts, videos, or audio you need to consistently produce great content.

4.       Blog Design Adjustments And Platform

Making your site more mobile-friendly will make it easier for people to surf through your site with ease.  This is a great marketing tool; sites with good designs and good adjustments to fit devices get a higher bounce-back rate. 

Tweaking your site just a little can make huge differences over time. These changes will also keep visitors on your site for a longer period. Your choice of blogging platform can affect your traffic too, while blogger and WordPress are the two most popular blogging platforms; WordPress sites have favored plugins, functionality, and traffic.

5.        Guest Posting to become the website with the most traffic

This simply means contributing your expertise to another blogger with a larger audience than you. This helps you legitimately steal backlinks and traffic from his existing fan base. These when used well can give your traffic a great boost. It also helps you get backlinks from authority sites. 

For example, you can guest post for Lifehacker,shoutmeloud, Huffington posts, mashable, etc. These posts should usually be your best, usually centered around the niche of the blog you intend to guest post on. It should solve a particular problem for it to attract some good viewership.

6.Wikipedia Editor

You can join those of us editing for Wikipedia in exchange for links. Make sure you include your link as a reference. This works best for two classes of people. Those with excellent writing skills and those without good writing skills. The Latter can do some editing from already existing Wikipedia articles.

7.        Using Seo to become the website with the most traffic

SEO simply makes your site visible to the search engines, sites with good SEO have a large number of free traffic on daily bases. This traffic is usually from people’s search queries via search engines.
This usually requires that you use meta tags on your posts, create enough backlinks, and most importantly, your content must be original.

8.       Social Media for website traffic

There is so much you can do with social media when it comes to generating massive traffic to your blog. Commenting on large Facebook groups and pages with a large audience and spreading your links can bring you tons of new visitors. Also owning the Facebook groups and pages creates a platform to always expose your site to more audiences. I will also mention facebook advertisements in passing since this post is about free traffic.

Twitter is also another useful tool, you can tweet your links alongside trending hashtags and be sure to get new visitors to your website.
The same also applies to Instagram and other social networking platforms.

9.        Series Posting

Using this method involves arranging your content in series. This keeps your viewers anticipating more and keeps coming back. This is a way to keep your bounce-back rate high. Google and other search engines recognize your site as an authoritative site when visitors keep coming back and staying longer.

10.   Free Contest And Increase Engagements

Hosting a free contest on your blog is another strategy to increase traffic, this contest can take any form, it can either be by naming one of your fans that emerges winner as the face of the week and a post with their photograph is done or any other form of incentive that will keep the interest high. 

This strategy helps boost the way your fan base can engage with your content. Readers are more willing to share your content on social media if they can engage with your content and you the blogger.

Finally, I hope you learned something new about how to increase website traffic and how to drive traffic to your website. If you applied any of these free traffic strategies and it worked for you do let us know using comments.

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