Benefits of Lemon Water in the Morning

Searching for an easy hack to improve your quality of life and health then this post is for you. We will take you through the benefits of lemon water in the morning. We will cover the following areas:
1. What happens when you drink lemon water on an empty stomach? What happens if you drink it warm every morning.
2. Why is it best to drink it in the morning?
3. How much lemon should I put in my morning water?

Benefits of lemon water every morning This simple routine of drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach every morning has tremendous benefits for the individual's health.

I started it a few months ago, and surprisingly the differences I noticed in my body are quite encouraging.

 It has a refreshing taste and can be the best you'll ever have to start your morning. The juice naturally detoxifies your system and kick-starts the digestion process.

And lemons have rich nutritional contents that your body needs like vitamins B, and C, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, antioxidants, enzymes, and fibers.

Ayurvedic philosophy postulates that choices we make as a daily routine either build more resistance to diseases or make us prone. 
What is your excuse for not imbibing this everyday routine?

What happens when you drink  on an empty stomach 

1. It can help you lose weight
2. Improve your digestion 
3. Boost vitamin c level in your body
4. Offer protective antioxidants that can help your immune function. 
5. Rich in citric acid that prevents nephrolithiasis.
6. Keeps you hydrated all day. 
7. A better alternative to carbonated drinks. 


 1. improves the function of the digestive system. 

Just like stated above,  making it a routine every morning will greatly improve your digestive system problems. It is one of the natural ways to solve indigestion. 
It does this by resembling the juices in the stomach in its structure and aids in loosening bowels and removing toxins in the gastrointestinal tract. 
It can also supply the right amount of water needed by the colon for peristalsis, cause bile to be produced, and soften stool by adding water to resolve to bloat and reflux.

Fortify Immune System

The vitamin C contained in Lemon helps fortify the immune system making them more effective for fighting infections, flu, and colds. 

This immune-boosting role is not only played by vitamin C,  iron also plays a contributory role. But not only vitamin C is important for a good working immune system, but iron is also another important nutrient and what lemon does is increase the absorption of iron from the diet.


Staying hydrated is very important, especially during summer. Plain water is best for staying hydrated but it can bore some persons. Water flavored with lemons actually makes more sense to the taste bud of a number of people. Drinking this water can give you all-day hydration. 

Increase metabolic rate

Starting your morning with a cup of this tasty water boosts your energy level very fast and helps your body's metabolism run at a faster and better rate. 

Gives You a Healthy Skin

They have generous amounts of antioxidants that remove free radicals from your body. These free radicals are the culprits for aging skin so taking them away will give you younger and rejuvenated skin. 

Also, the ascorbic acid in lemon makes the skin more elastic and decreases blemishes and wrinkles formation. 

Manage inflammatory diseases

Those with inflammatory conditions like chronic osteoarthritis can benefit from taking this fluid as it removes uric acid from joints. We know that when uric acid deposits in joints they give rise to inflammatory conditions. 

It is an effective way to Achieve Weight Loss

Utilizing it for weight loss can leave you happy. It works by fighting hunger and food cravings and enhancing metabolism. It helps you eat less often and burn more of the ones you have stored in your fat stores already. 

If you are not happy with your weight,  you can give this lemon therapy a try and watch the weight differences which in many, can be quite remarkable over a one-month period. 


We have gone through the health benefits of lemon water especially when taken in the morning and various ways you can use it to achieve more robust health. 

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