Shameful Photos! Deep Inside The Forest Of Italy Lies Loads Of S£xWorkers Who Come From Nigeria

According to statistics, there are currently 10,000 to 20,000 Nigerian s£xworkers in Italy. In the early 1980s, Nigeria, Africa, and France have a lot of immigrants who came to work in Italy.

At first, they just do farming activities on some tomato farmland, however, when the farm closed, in order to survive they have to start making money in other ways, such as transporting drugs or providing s*xual services. But income s£x workers are still minimal, sometimes only 10 euros only.

Many s3xworkers from Nigeria have chosen to work in the forest, they will place a mattress in the forest, and provide s£xualservices on it. In this corner of Italy's developed European countries, they use their own way, to seek a way out.
Photographer Paolo Patrizi said they use their own cameras, recording several Nigerian s3xworkers in the forest.