How to stay strong when times are hard

No matter the weight of what you're going through currently, there is hope,  you will definitely come out strong,  here is how to come out of a difficult situation.

Challenges are normal

Hard times are normal happenings in life. Sometimes it will feel like your ordeal is endless, challenges come in numbers instead of the dream happy endings. 

 when we go through one challenge, another one raises her ugly head.

While challenges are normal and some persons I know became stronger through experiencing these challenges while some others became weaker and pitful losing all hopes in life. 

how to handle difficult situations in life Two of my friends were relieved from their jobs just when the recent financial crisis hit so strong: one felt very humiliated, lost all his self-confidence, and finding a new job became very difficult; the other was able to analyze the present situation and invested time identifying where his strength lies. He saw it as an opportunity to grow rather than resigning to fate.  In a few months, he found himself working as a senior manager in a new firm.

 What distinguish us from others? 

The number of challenges we’ve been through doesn't differentiate us from others rather it is how we see and go through these challenges that really matters.

It takes more than optimism, you need relentless resilience to break through difficult times. 

You need more than optimism

We know optimism as a positive outlook simply referred to as  “the quality of being hopefull, buttressing the good parts of every situation. It is believing that something good will emanate from a terrible situation ”.

It differs a whole lot from resilience which is “the ability to return quickly to a previous good condition after going through problems.” It means moving on from a difficult situation and not just laying emphasis blindly on the positive parts believing something good might happen. 

It is seeing both the good and bad sides with full awareness of the potential issues and taking action accordingly and keeping hope alive no matter the situation.

Resilient people don't think of themselves as failures, rather they see failure as someone who does nothing, and wallows in the injustice of a situation without trying.

If a resident person fails 90 times Failing 90 times means 90 learning opportunities. They believe the so-called failures are what contribute to the ultimate success.

Seeing failure as a setback rather than a time for redirection and growth redirection makes you give up easily. 

We’ve all had contact with failure at some point in our lives and choose to move on rather than give up for if we did the result of our dreamed positive path would have been truncated. 

No matter how hard failures hit it is a symptom of something huge,  a big success waiting to happen. 

Most of the huge successes in our lives come from 80% failure and 20% of the outcomes we intended.

This is formula is how the 3.8 billion dollar company, Slack success story happened.

They are perfect examples of resilient success and not-so-luck fairytale. 

This company failed massively in the past before it finally succeeded.

 The CEO started with 3 tireless years of building a video game that had so much ambition, he was able to raise $17 million and recruited over 40 staff despite not being certain of success. 

The staff had to move across the country to actualize the project, at first, this was a fruitless gamble, and owing to the fierce competition faced,  the company lost finances and most of the team members got laid off leaving a few persons.  

Despite the misfortune, they didn't give up on these dreams that became known as failed attempts; the CEO got back to the drawing board and alongside a few employees left focused on their strengths and developed the chat system that is used by millions of people in the world and that was how success came.

Resilient people are driven by internal qualities rather than external triggers.

It’s so easy to get influenced by things around us and lose sight of the bigger picture. Resilient person very well know the effect of these environmental factors. 

No wonder they work more on their inner qualities that always come true for them when faced with difficulties.

Slack success is hinged on not allowing external factors to get in the way when deciding to quit or going forward with the skills that formed their strength which finally gave them a better opportunity to succeed.

 How to become more resilient? 

Below are some ways to make this important mind shift and change our focus to gaining resilience.

1. At critical moments write down what is most important. A lot of studies believe writing down important points when faced with an ordeal makes you more positive about it. A group of students who were considered failures in class was compelled to write down what is most important to them about the lectures regularly and at the end of the session, their results improved tremendously as these important points formed the basis of exams. 

2. Answer the "why" question each moment you are faced with deciding on a short or long-term goal.  
3. Practice value-based affirmation technique. This gives your self-worth a boost and removes negativities. 
4. Remember what is important during challenging times. It makes you see the bigger goal and not the short-term difficulties and you will see yourself surviving them. 

5. Focus on your God-given strength rather than on your weaknesses. Challenges have a way of throwing our weaknesses on our faces but learn not to see them. 

6. Don't try to improve your weakness with too many efforts rather look at harnessing your strengths when things seem to go wrong. Dwelling on your strengths helps you grow while your weaknesses constantly remind you of why you're always going to fail.

7. Know the best way to move forward to get ourselves back to your place of strength. 

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