How to redeploy in Nysc Camp: Get relocated with little or no connection

Most  prospective corp members whose call-up letter shows they've been posted to states they are not comfortable with and are always eager to know how to redeploy in nysc camp, how to fill redeployment/ relocation form, and how to deploy camp or after 3 months in nysc,

Did NYSC Runs Fail you:

How to redeploy in NYSC Camp You are seeking information on redeployment because either runs failed you or you didn't have money to influence your state of NYSC posting. While we discourage paying to get posted to a choice state for your service year, it is a sad situation in our country and there isn't much we can do to stop it until the system decides to close all the loopholes.

Some persons will be successful in getting the desired state either by luck or by buying their way while others are left to fate. No matter your situation we will show you the various ways you can redeploy from that state to somewhere better for you..

What is redeployment or relocation in NYSC terms?

 Redeployment is the process involved in transferring a corp member from the current state of deployment to another which they prefer for different reasons.

The corp member is responsible for initiating the process and can only be started after the resumption of camp as soon as the swearing-in ceremony is done.  Before it is said that the redeployment can only be started in camp but these days people who have long legs can get it done by just sending their state codes to the ogas at the top who don't necessarily need to be in the same camp as the redeploying corp member.

The relocation only reflects on the corp member's dashboard as soon as the passing out parade is concluded in camp. 

Everyone who desires to be relocated isn't granted, there are conditions/factors to be fulfilled before redeployment can be made possible.

How long does it take for NYSC relocation?

At most NYSC relocation takes about two weeks maximum, certain conditions need to be fulfilled before NYSC management grants your request and if you meet the conditions they don't like delaying your approval for any reason. Some who try to outsmart the system by presenting a fake document to leave on marital or health will not be approved. For such persons, the status of the application will remain pending forever. You can read the rest of the article to know how to apply for relocation in NYSC to a preferable state of your choice with ease.

Can I apply for NYSC relocation after camp?

NYSC relocation policies have changed from what they used to be in the past and it's now possible to apply for relocation again as soon as two weeks after exiting the orientation camp. So all hope isn't lost if you didn't consider redeploying in camp or you were not lucky with your application th

Requirements for NYSC Redeployment of Corp Members

There are some basic requirements for redeployment which include health, marriage, and security reasons. It's very important you know them ahead to increase your chances of  NYSC granting your relocation. If you don't know what is involved you might get to camp and start doing the die-minute forging of documents because you failed to bring all the necessary things you need to submit to camp. Chances are that the documents you make in camp will be fake and garnished with lots of errors that will make them disqualify you without thinking twice. Below are the basic conditions for deployment and the documents you need to come along to camp with.

Marital Grounds

For married individuals (females), NYSC  made it very possible for you to apply for redeployment to your spouse's state of residence. This privilege only applies to female corp members, as a man where do you want NYSC to send you on marital grounds? what will you be doing for your wife? or are you pregnant that you want her to take care of you. As a man perish that idea of redeploying on marital grounds.

The reason NYSC sends only female corp members back to their husbands is probably that women are mostly needed at home to take care of things like if they have kids already than husbands. 

I hope you know you need to provide certain things that prove you are married before they can grant you, showing up with wedding rings won't redeploy you and even pictures of your wedding won't redeploy you. Below are what is needed:
A formal letter addressed to the DG of NYSC.
A  verifiable Marriage certificate.
An official change of name that is published in at least one national newspaper.
A formal letter addressed to DG NYSC from the husband, he most says his state of residence.

Medical/ Health Ground

If you have medical or health conditions that might make your stay in a particular state riskier is one of the popular reasons to get fast redeployment to a chosen state. The condition must be verifiable and accompanied by a legit doctor's report.

The doctor needs to prove in your report that your condition is serious enough to warrant close monitoring by family members or closer to a particular medical facility. It also needs to come from a government own hospital-like health centers, general hospitals, FMC, and Teaching hospitals. A document from military and police hospitals is also acceptable.

The report you present will be properly scrutinized by qualified doctors who are experts and sometimes may even require taking you to the nearby health facility for an investigation to verify. 

Make sure you learn the condition on the document and how to manage it like drugs you take, their doses, and what they look like. If you are asthmatic then you must know how to use the inhaler. 

I don't encourage you to fake medical reports, it is a crime punishable by law, and if you must do make sure it is a doctor who writes it for you. In public hospitals, even security men mount roadblocks for prospective corps who come to the hospital in search of NYSC medical reports. Such persons don't know medical terms and end up giving you documents that can land you in jail.

Also don't patronize cybercafes that run black markets for medical reports, this kind of behavior can put you into trouble.

Make sure the hospital you identify with as where you are receiving treatment is where you got your medical report from, this way everything looks genuine.

Security Basis

The security architecture of the country is now very porous and for fear of your life, you can now redeploy if you feel you are not safe in a certain region. 

There must be a clear and verifiable security concern in these regions for NYSC to grant your request.

The issues of Boko Haram, Herdsmen, and bandits in most of northern Nigeria and the brutal religious intolerance and killing in these areas puts the lives of corp members at risk and NYSC puts this into consideration. If you are from down south and feel you are not safe here NYSC will honor your decision.
 No parent wants his or her ward in danger zones, also with the advent of IPOB and Unknown Gunmen in the eastern states you can be relocated out of these regions. 

In the past, the mandatory three weeks orientation camp of corp members who got posted to these places in violence-prone states like Borno, Adamawa, Gombe, Yobe, etc had to undertake it in nearby states. 

With these security threats, the scheme is gradually losing its aim of a national reintegration program. What was made to initial unify us is tearing us apart because of the fear of risk to life but then it is better to be alive first than unifying with your brothers from the other divide.

How to fill relocation form:

The form will be distributed in camp for those interested, you are required to fill in all the information necessary including your current call-up code and state code, your reasons for redeploying, and attach the necessary documents which we stated above then submit to the office of camp DG and wait for the approval.

How to get redeployment letter:

Keep checking your portal to see status of your application; usually on the last day of camp where you observe your passing out parades, the list of those posted to PPA will be published and a list of those redeploying will be published as well. You can also log in to your NYSC Portal to see that your relocation has been approved and an option will be provided for you to print your redeployment/relocation letter. With the letter, you can proceed to your new state to document and start your national service scheme there.

Can I cancel my relocation after approval:
Yes, if for any reason you have a change of mind before reporting in your new state like you realized your NYSC love is staying back and you can't afford to leave him or her lol, simply click on cancel my relocation on the platform and you have the chance to remain in the same state.

What if my relocation was not approved?
There is always an opportunity available to reapply to be redeployed if you were rejected in camp. If still it doesn't still get approved the portal is always open to reapply till the last 3 months of your posting.

Some challenges you might face as a corp member who redeployed?
It has its own challenges your first three months allawee might be delayed in your location and you will need to go through all the documentation process you did in camp, also your old ID card will be retrieved and a paper ID will be handed over to you bearing your new state, also if you didn't get ATM cards for your old state NYSC account you might need to approach your bank to request a new one,

But not to worry, all the accrued payments will be paid to you and all other hurdles will be surmounted. Your posting to PPA which might be delayed will be resolved without lengthening your service year.

We have extensively discussed on redeploying in NYSC camp with a special emphasis on what is required and how to have your request granted easily.

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