How to know where NYSC will post you: get posted to State Capital or a good PPA

We will help you with how to get posted to a good PPA or how to get posted to the State capital even when you don't have connections. 
You are aware serving in The State Capital requires lots of connection however we will show you how to get it done without Long-Legs or giving anyone your body as a female. 

Do you want a better PPA posting after your NYSC orientation camp?
Do desire to be posted to the main city or any particular town?
Do you want a well-paying PPA with lots of job opportunities?
If your answers are yes then I urge you to continue reading. 

Serving your motherland in a good city has its merits and demerits. 

When you get posted to a good PPA like the ministries, government house, oil firms,  government parastatals, and organizations you have more to gain. 

 Interestingly,  this article will help you serve in such places.
What is required in getting a good PPA
There are certain things you need to do,  groups you need to join to male this wish possible. They are listed below:

Be the Platoon Leader
The platoon coordinator has at least a slot or two to determine where his desired Corp member will be posted. 

It is expected that the platoon leader which he works directly with is the first person to benefit from him to get abetter posting. As a platoon leader your coordinator will ask you your choice place and will be posted there.
 You don't just get this favour by just being a ceremonial platoon leader, you have to show exemplary leadership and support his course. 

To become a platoon leader is pretty easy if you have good looks, height, stature and a vibrant spirit that loves to socialize you will win the nomination of your group.

Join Orientation Broadcasting Service Crew (OBS)
Joining this orientation broadcasting team is one of the best choices you can make in your service year.

They are involved in giving out news and vital information to the camp community, providing sound systems used for social activities, and leading the different programs and activities. 

If you have skills in engineering, writing journalism, and media presentation then you are good to go. 
If you are active this will also give you an edge in getting people among the camp officials to influence your posting. 

Red Cross
The Red Cross crew is another important group you can join during orientation camp.
 They stand in for emergencies, fainting, unforeseen accidents, and minor hospitalization cases arising during sports,  parades, and other exercises.

Being part of them exempts you from doing strenuous parades under the harsh sun especially if you serve in northern Nigeria. 

 The Red Cross team provides immediate First Aid to avert life-threatening situations that might cause loss of life during camp.

This group will help you acquire lifesaving skills, make friends and influence your posting. 
Making friends 
Network and make quality friends with soldiers, civil defense, police, the man o’ war, and other officials.

 It may not guarantee you're getting a good PPA posting, but you never can tell,  you may just know somebody that knows someone that can help you. 

It is very true that your personality can attract someone that may decide to show one or two kindness to you. Please for ladies don't sleep with anyone for posting, they will disappoint you and you might end up sleeping with every one of the officials including the camp medical doctors who carry their shoulders like portable.

Making friends is good,  even when it doesn't get you good posting, the next governor of a state in Nigeria might be in that camp and you met them in an NYSC camp. 

Have Sweet Mouth
Having persuasive oratory prowess that easily wins people over can help you talk officials into giving you a good PPA.
If your sweet mouth isn't mixed with friendliness, character, and persuasion your chances will be minimal at succeeding with this strategy. 

Be exceptional in camp
 Winning an award in the NYSC orientation camp gives you a very high possibility of getting posted to your chosen city or area.

Competitions you can engage in and win for influencing your posting are Miss and Mrs. NYSC, Mr. MACHO, Dance group, Marching crew, Drama, and Band Group.

Camp Clinic 

This is for those in health-related fields, such as a doctor, nurses, lab scientists, etc you can be very active in the camp clinic and get recognized. Personally, I worked as a doctor in the camp back then in Dakingari Kebbi state, although I didn't want to stay in Kebbi, they offered me choice places just to lure me to stay. 
Have a high-in-demand skill
Some Corp members who have certain skills for example computer science proficiency are called upon to do some posting jobs. That may be your turn to excel just volunteer and offer your services wholeheartedly. 

Nothing works except what is given above. You might prayerfully get your choice PPA by going to God in prayers if every other thing fails. 

We have discussed ways how to get posted to a good PPA like the state capital. We hope it works for you, but if you try and don't get your choice PPA, make where you're posted your choice place as there is something good in every location you find yourself. 

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