Benefits of Tiger Nuts In Pregnancy 2023 [updated]

Pregnancy is an important and delicate period in a woman’s life and that of the developing fetus, during this time the benefits of tiger nuts in pregnancy can be put into great use as part of the measures taken to ensure the pregnant woman gets adequate nutritional requirements for the developing baby and the health needs of the mother.

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Tiger nuts benefits In Pregnancy [For Mothers]

Benefits For Developing Baby


Benefits of tiger nuts during pregnancy

We all know what we eat is very important to our overall well-being and vitality. The black species of tiger nuts is known to prevent lumps and breast malignancies.  Even before pregnancy, regulating ovulation and ensuring fertility is a well-documented health benefit of tiger nuts in women.

 In pregnancy, it is important to watch what you eat, not just for you as the mother but for the proper development of the fetus. A balanced diet complemented with Tiger nut is necessary throughout the gestation period and you’ll be thankful you made this feeding choice when the results start manifesting.

  Benefits For Pregnant Mothers

1.     Tiger Nuts can enhance your energy during pregnancy:

During pregnancy, the hormones that interplay to maintain the pregnancy like progesterone and the cardiovascular changes to accommodate the developing baby can burn out all the energy and vigor you’ve got and you often find yourself tired and sleepy all the time.

This excess fatigue is a major source of worry for many people as it prevents you from leading an active life like you used to. If you’re in this group then cry no more, introducing tiger nut and its products into your diet plan can be the only solution you need to get back that energy again.

Tiger nuts can give you the kind of energy you can get from taking taurine, caffeine, or other stimulants and unlike these sources, it is natural and not harmful to the developing baby. So why not consume Tiger nuts milk to have that refreshing feeling.

2.     It is a vegetable source of proteins

Lots of essential amino acids which are important to both mother and fetus can be gotten by eating tiger nuts. These proteins are strictly plant-based and provide good alternatives to animal proteins. Vegans and vegetarians particularly love tiger nuts for this.

3.     Helps Build Strong Bones and Teeth

Tiger nuts contain a good amount of natural calcium and can help build strong bones and teeth.

4.     A good source of glycine

Glycine gotten from Tiger nuts is important in neurotransmitter formation that helps add strength to cell membranes.

5.     Breast milk Development:

This is another benefit of tiger nuts that is important in pregnancy. We already know the importance of breast milk to the baby after delivery, as a source of food, nutrients, and immunity for the developing newborn.

To give the right quantity and quality of breast milk pregnant women should pay close attention to their diet to enhance production and enrich it.

Taking tiger nuts can prepare your breast for lactation when the time comes. It can improve breast milk production during lactation especially when it was taken often during pregnancy and lactation.

6.     Female reproductive system development:

Tiger nuts can boost your estrogen levels which is essential in the development of the female reproductive system in utero. In nonpregnant women, this estrogen from tiger nuts consumption is responsible for puberty, menses, and pregnancy.

7.     A ready solution for constipation:

Tiger nut is a natural solution for constipation which is a common problem in pregnancy. It is also helpful in indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, and other digestive problems. 

Tiger nuts help eliminate toxins that would have otherwise accumulated in the body if wastes are not removed.

8. Blood Pressure Control

The arginine content in tiger nuts helps to vasodilate blood vessels thereby improving circulation and blood pressure. They also contain potassium that puts the heart rate under check leading to optimal blood pressure control. All these work together to achieve optimal blood pressure during pregnancy.

9.      Weight loss is another benefit 

That excess weight can be taken care of by taking tiger nuts. Snacking on tiger nuts increases your overall fiber intake, which keeps you full all day.  Helping curb overeating helps you lose weight. This also prevents the fetus from gaining too much weight which can predispose the woman to problems of fetal macrosomia.

10. Good for blood sugar control in  pregnancy

Diabetics are advised to consume more insoluble fiber to help keep their sugar under check. This insoluble fiber is what tiger nuts offer and can help you have better sugar readings. This is not to replace your regular prescribed drugs but should serve as adjuncts. Used in this way it helps control sugar and weight and reduce excessive weight gain by developing a fetus.

Tiger Nuts Benefits in Developing Babies in Pregnancy

1.     Prevent excess fetal weight gain

By acting as insoluble fiber, keeping the mother more full and less hungry, mothers eat less, and the chances of excess weight in the baby are reduced.

2.     Better sugar control

It is an insoluble fiber that helps control sugar spikes in the mother’s bloodstream and reduces the effect of hyperglycemia on the developing baby. Also, the antioxidants in tiger nuts are helpful in sugar control.

3.     Prepare the breast, getting it ready for food production after birth.

Postpartum breastfeeding is very important and the main source of food for the new baby. Tiger nuts consumption by the would-be mother gets the breast ready for this noble task.

4.     Provides calcium for the developing baby’s development:

Calcium obtained from eating tiger nuts provides nutrients and hormones that aid the development of the baby’s muscles, heart, nerves, bones, and teeth. Also, this calcium prevents preeclampsia which can be harmful to the baby.

5.     Provides arginine for baby’s development and growth:

Arginine gotten from eating tiger nuts helps enhance fetal intrauterine growth by increasing nitric oxide and umbilical artery blood flow. This is very important in fetal growth restriction and pregnancy-induced hypertension. 

6. Tiger nuts provide phosphorus for the fetus:

The phosphorus obtained from the consumption of tiger nuts helps build strong bones and regulate important body functions like blood clotting, heart rhythm, and muscle contractions.

7.     Helps in the development of the neuromuscular system:

The magnesium contained in tiger nuts helps in the development of nerves and the muscular system in the fetus. Also, this magnesium can prevent preterm labor.

Is Tiger nut drink good for pregnant women? 

Many benefits of tiger nut drinks in pregnancy are well known to many Africans and it's gradually becoming more popular in Europe. This ground almond is from the Cyperaceae family and is very beneficial during cyesis. 

 Tiger nuts drink is a balanced source of protein, vegetables, and fat. It also contains important minerals and nutrients for the mother and developing baby, this includes potassium, calcium,  iron, iodine, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Some trace elements like selenium, strontium, molybdenum, vanadium, and aluminum are also obtained from tiger nuts drink. 

The pregnant woman can also get  Vitamin B group, C, D, E, and beta-carotene from this superfood drink. It can reduce blood sugar levels, boost immunity, stabilize the cardiovascular and nervous systems and also enhance cerebral perfusion.

 Tiger nuts drink is a natural antiseptic and antioxidant. It has analgesic and vasodilatory effects. It can detoxify and reduce oxidative processes and free radicals that lead to cancer development.

 It can prevent atherosclerosis and hypertension in pregnancy. It can prepare the endocrine system for the coming baby by making the breast ready for lactation. 

It can also help you prevent excessive weight gain in pregnancy that can be complicated with big babies which can be difficult to deliver vaginally. 

Taking tiger nuts during pregnancy helps clean your internal organs and regulate metabolism. For proper functioning of the digestive system, all expectant mothers should take Tiger nuts.


The use of tiger nuts in pregnancy comes with many benefits. They play important roles in the mother and the fetus. A pregnant woman should imbibe the routine of adding tiger nuts to her diet plan especially since there are no serious negative effects of tiger nuts on the fetus or Mom.

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