8 Irresistible Tourist Sites in Delta State, Nigeria

Nigeria has some beautiful tourist sites which you can make out time to visit with your loved ones and family. 

Across the country you have a number of side attractions and beautiful places to see and delta state isn't left out. 

The oil-rich Delta State has many lands, hills, and mountains over 30% of the area is covered by water. Nevertheless, lots of fascinating sites are available within the state and we shall be considering them. 

These sites are home to tourists who troop in yearly. Some of these tourists destinations in the delta state are:

1. Turf and Country Club in Abraka

It is located in Abraka and has a horse club for international polo tournaments yearly around the Easter period. Its surroundings are blessed with a rich tropical rainforest and its bordered by River Ethiope. 

It has several villas for lodging and you're guaranteed daily tropical sunrise, every morning. Ponies are available for all-day riding, also you walk around the forest trails along the river if horse rides isn't a thing for you. You can also choose to swim or fish,  depending on what you want for fun.

2. River Ethiope Water Bank
One of the most important rivers in the  State is believed to emanate from the root of a giant silk tree situated in Umuaja, Ukwuani Local government area. 

It is Africa's deepest inland waterway, that passes through 7 local government areas in the Delta before It gets deep for seafarer vessels in Sapele. 
The river source can be reached at Warri through  Abraka and from Asaba through Umutu,  Agbor, to Umuaja. 

There are a couple of other activities you can do at River Ethiope like canoeing, swimming,  speed boating,  and other sports and activities. It is indeed a nice place that is worth visiting.

3. Otuogu Beach
There is yet another beautiful tourist site in Asaba Delta State. You can't mention tourism centers in the state without mentioning  Otuogu. 

It the beach is blessed with several rivers, creeks, and streams that keep the arena in place. Otuogu beach extends to the capital city and also connects with several creeks before it finally empty into the Atlantic Ocean. 

It has white sands which are ideal for social events and relaxation.

4. Living History Museum, Koko

The Museum is situated in Koko, Warri North, and is also referred to as Chief Nana’s palace (or Koko Place).

 It was the then main residence of Chief Nana Olomu Ebrohim – a renowned 19th-century indigenous entrepreneur who had contacts with the British empire colonialists under Queen Victoria.

 The magnificent edifice portrays the grand taste of Chief Nana who was the original occupier and had dealings with colonial officers here.

5. Game Reserve Kwale
It is located in the coastal part of Kwale. It has swap and rainforest vegetation largely occupied by water animals and reptiles. You will find sitatunga, red river hog, and freshwater cum pond water fishes here.

6. Lander Brothers Anchorage in Asaba
After Scottish explorer,  Mungo Park (1771-1906) concluded his expedition at a certain point of the River Niger; Richard and John Lander who happen to be brothers took over. They anchored their own ship at Aboh.

 They are credited with the discovery of the River Niger mouth. 
An anchorage was erected in Asaba to honor their memory. 

It is equipped with an ICT center, social facilities and a restaurant.

 7. The Araya Bible Site
It houses a copy of the Holy Bible believed to have descended in August 1914 unto this spot directly from heaven.

 It was believed to have had direct contact with a rain-soaked yam and never got wet.

 It attracts thousands of Christian pilgrims every year,  a greater number during the Easter period. 

Araya Bible site is in Isoko South LGA;  accessible from Warri through Oleh and Ughelli and from Asaba.
8.   Jamieson River
Taking a trip to the Jamieson River is a pleasant journey to embark on. 

It is a pleasant picnic site and can be reached by car or boat. To get there by car you need to go through Sapoda. 

It is a beautifully clear river that is ideal for fishing. The water here is surprisingly too cold. 

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