Geoffrey Kago Biography and Net Worth:

How A Kenyan Street Hawker Turned $6 into a $100K Business.

Just like in architecture, strong foundations are what makes great structures. It is true in all spheres of life. The king was at some point a crying baby. We will look into Geoffrey Kago biography and net worth. You will learn how he was able to turn $6 into $100K.

 Turning $6 to $100K isn't the easiest things to believe right? Especially now that we know how hard it is to catch success. No matter how unbelievable it sounds, we do know that if the right values are in place we have better shots at  succeeding and our chances of achieving the impossible is increasingly higher.

The foundations that led Geoffrey Kayo to achieving this feat can be summed up into good  preparation, identifying and scouting opportunities, a strong will for self development, and relentless perseverance to succeed regardless of the setbacks you meet on the way. 
While many are too lazy to achieve their dreams, one unbelievable school that can help you succeed is the life of Geoffrey Kago, and how he grew his business from just $6 to a whooping sum of $100,000.

Geoffrey Kago Early Life and Biography 

Geoffrey is a Kenyan born in one of the villages deep in the heart of Nairobi. He was born in 1975.
How he started his farm? 
 He bought his first hen from his mother at a tender age of 10. His motivation came from watching the life of Nelson Muguku, who was the first Kenyan Billionaire from owning a poultry.  He considered Nelson his role model and hope to replicate the kind of success Nelson Muguku achieved for him self. 
At 10 Geoffrey was in primary four but it didn't deter him. 
The hen he got from his mom was a Naked Neck Transylvania hen without feathers on her back.
 He bought the hen from his own little savings, and decided for it because  it is a fast breeder.
In just a year, he was able to bred upto 200 chickens, and sold them go his neighbors.
He fancied ownership  sense, and from his poultry business he learnt the rudiments of entrepreneurship and independence and this is one characteristics that will help him go very far in many years to come.


Money realized from his poultry business was what he used to raise substantial fund for his high school education. 

Big Lessons from Geoffrey Kago 

He has great passion for finding solutions which goes far beyond breeding and selling chickens. 
In high school, he discovered  obvious problems with traditional methods of hatching eggs.
He went on to discover electric incubator as a solution to the problem, this became widely used in the community and earned him first place in the high school congress of 1985 that took place at district level. In the entire Kenya, this project got second place.  
He is a relentless person, his little successes also came with some trails and set backs. 
At a point he got to deal with brokenness after a neighbor poisoned his chickens.  This didn't deter or frustrate him rather he kept pushing to succeed. 

Some Challenging moments

In 1997 after moving to a nearby village around Kiserian area of Kenya republic, he had no cash in hand so decided to work as a labourer and casual stone-mason just to feed.
 He also ventured into carpentry and even worked at a funeral home for 24 months. 
As a carpenter he built wooden items for customers which was inline with what defined his early upbringing with so much passion for building stuff. 
He later moved on from carpentry work to hawk cigarettes in early 2000s. His tough times seemed like an endless satire but he didn't give up. From the proceeds of his street hawking, he saved up about $6 (equivalent to Sh600 then). This saved sum became his starting point to building wealth, from there he built a $100, 000 dollar business.

How he started

Kenya 2002 President Kibaki, encouraged Kenyans to embrace entrepreneurship to have a better life. 
This nationwide call was what spured Geoffrey Kago, into creating his first electric incubator that became commercially viable. He got his business name registered as Kaki Village Enterprise. 
From manufacturing electric incubators he diversified later to making candlers used for checking eggs fertility.
He also added a training facility on 5 acres of land, to helps farmers acquire  more understanding of the mechanics of poultry and hatching.
How he rose to $100000
From investing in various agro based poultry business, he has been able to build his business to a net value of over $100K dollars. He is into raising of turkeys, chickens, ostriches, ducks, quails,  and guinea fowls. He is also into manufacturing of machines for mixing of animal feeds and electric incubator machines.  
Geoffrey Kago’s biography and success story clearly shows that a better tomorrow is possible if you toil hard enough to attain it. His life shows that you need to be ready always in case  an opportunity comes. If you're already worth a fortune  $100,000 may be small but to the average Nigerian, 51 million Naira at the current exchange rate of 510 Naira to the dollar can be life-changing. This wealth he created using a paltry sum of $6 (3,060 Naira) is a sure proof that one can achieve anything you put your heart to just like Kago Geoffrey. 
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