How do I know if a guy is worth my time?

Men come into our Iive and just when we think it is our last bus stop, we blink and they are gone just like others. This post is for those who want to know the time wasters and the serious guys. We'll give you the best strategy to avoid time wasters. 

How to know if a guy is serious about you

Here are some signs that can help you know if he is or if he is just another time waster. Reflect on all the signs here and decide if he is worth your time.


The way he came to you at first matters but don't let it fool you.
signs he sees you long-termPay attention to his approach towards you,  how he ended his previous relationship and how he got to know you.

If he cheated on his ex just to be with you to rest assured you will receive your own share of the medicine. Like they say,  a cheat will always be a cheat. 

Don't get flattered that he dropped someone to be with you; he will likely drop you as well for someone better.  If he forces it down your throat that he can't live without you; run for your life, you'd be surprised he is saying the same thing to your friends in their DMs. 


Your own view of his character matters a lot, if you notice you can't put up with most of his character, things he does when he is least likely to pretend like when he is relating to others then know it's not someone worth your time. 

If you differ on different levels like mentally, intellectually, conviction, etc then you know that's not someone to hold on to. 

Holding on to someone you are not at peace with and with who they are, and how they act is a disaster waiting to happen. 

Someone that is worth investing your time with has to be someone you can connect with on different levels. 


 It is good to not build the entire relationship centered on sxx, if by chance you guys did it already then pay attention to life after that. 

Find out if he is there for the sole purpose of being inside of you. If he is only after your honey pot,  all his love and affection will gradually go down the drain after he has had his piece of the cake.

This type will start acting up, refusing phone calls and not replying to texts. They only remember you when they get those vibes again.

This isn't a relationship and you should avoid it. They try to manipulate and use sxx addiction to hold you down. 

Be smart enough to break free early. Don't be in a relationship with a fukkkboy he is not worth wasting your time on. 


if all he cares about is being indoors with you,  watch closely you might have a deputy or you're even the deputy. 

If he isn't proud enough to be with you in public, then look closely and you will discover he has something to hide. 

This kind of guy is not worth spending your time on. You have to be with someone that values being with you. 

You didn't come to this world to be treated that way,  break free now. 


How do I know if a guy is worth my timethis is one of the major warning signs you should decipher early. Guys who are too fast are just there to get their own pound of flesh. 

You may be deeply in love with this kind of guy but the truth is they don't really care how you feel all they want is to manipulate and take advantage of you. 

If a guy moves too quick in trying to win your heart, chances are that such guys are faking it. 

Love comes naturally when it comes slow and steady. The guy that will rush you will most likely ghost you in no distant time or he wants to take advantage of the fact that you already like him a lot. 


check well to be sure you're the only one he is dating. If you fall into the hands of someone who is double dating no matter how much they say they prefer you to the other person.

 Those are lies from the kingdom of you. If they are so much into you as they claim,  they'll create the space for you in their heart and not have you share it with someone else. 

A guy who is into multiple women isn't worthy to have you. Don't also subscribe to the idea of being with you and having extra affairs with an advanced lady whether they call it sugar mommy or sugar mama. 

The beauty of love is if it is solely yours,  you will enjoy the relationship with peace of mind. 

How to find serious guys for relationships

If you're looking for a serious relationship, it can be tough to find the right guy. But with some effort and a little luck, you can find someone who is perfect for you. Here are some tips to help you find the right guy:

1. It is important that you become more selective with who you date. Make sure that the guy you are interested in is a good match for your personality and lifestyle.
2. Next, research reputable dating websites and apps. This will help you connect with quality men who share your interests.
3. Take time to get to know your potential dates well. This will help ensure that both of us are happy with the relationship after getting started.
4. Look for men who have goals and ambitions. People who are serious about relationships are usually driven and have goals they want to achieve.
They're not content just sitting around waiting for things to happen. If a guy doesn't have any goals or aspirations, it's likely he's not going to be a good partner. If he is serious about you for marriage you will see it in his top life goals. 5. Be yourself. Sure, there's always room for improvement, but if your personality is not compatible with the man you're interested in, don't try to change it. If he doesn't like who you are, odds are he won't like you either.


we have taken our time to explain how you can decipher unserious guys in relationships. The signs outlined should tell you if that Prince Charming is a time-waster or in for serious business. 

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