Best Nigerian university for law 2022 [UPDATED]

If your dream is to study law in Nigeria which is currently the most lucrative and competitive course in the country, then this list of best Nigerian university for law, will be very useful to you.

Best nigerian university for law 2022
 It’s not enough to enroll as a law student in just any school, starting off your career in one of the best universities to study law will do you so much good. Most of the schools we’ll showcase here also make up the list of accredited universities in Nigeria for law schools.

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Law being a highly sort after course places a high demand on the schools for quality. I’m glad to let you know many of the schools showcased here has produced great legal luminaries in this country and these lawyers have earned respect both here and overseas.
Best universities in Nigeria that offer law
It’s not enough to wear a wig; you have to wear it in one of the prestigious schools recognized to study law. This gives your certificate earned, more worth and boosts your chances of securing bigger cases and jobs. Your alumni in these schools will be most of the big names you know in the legal profession and what a privilege to be pa

rt of these communities of eggheads.   
Before choosing any of these choice schools you should also be prepared for the works that follow in securing admissions into any of these schools as these universities' jamb cut-off mark for law tends to be on the goliath side. You should also be ready for the financial obligations required and be prepared to face the rigorous study period which may span over six years.

Some of the best schools to study law in Nigeria as at 2022:

1.       University Of Ilorin

Top accredited universities for law in Nigeria
The University of Ilorin which is located in Ilorin city, Kwara state Nigeria is making #1  for many reasons. They have a track record of academic excellence and a good learning environment. Year in and out, admission seekers troop in to seek admission into her law program. 

This university got rated as the best in Nigeria for law studies by the council of legal education based on the performance of this school’s products at the various Nigerian law school Bar Final Examinations and over the years this school has consistently been among the top 10 best universities in Nigeria. 

They are blessed with a serene environment and the ambiance of astute teachers well respected in the country’s legal profession. Graduates from this school are among the brightest lawyers in the country.

2.       University of Lagos

Unilag is well known for her academic prowess and her law faculty has a very long-standing history and has produced big names in the legal profession. For this remarkable show of excellence amongst graduates from its law courses, this university is making #2.

3.       University of Ibadan

Located in the Oyo state city, Ibadan and one of the oldest schools to begin law programs in Nigeria. 4ICU ranked Ibadan university as the best Nigerian University and its law program is overwhelmingly excellent in the country. You can never beat their standard.

4.       University of Nigeria, Nnsuka

The school began with the growing need for a university in the eastern region and kicked off on 18 May 1955. This school is very popular and has superb law faculty.

5.       Obafemi Awolowo University OAU

This school is very competitive and usually requires candidates to meet their high standard Jamb cut-off mark for law.

6.       University of Jos

It began as an annex of the University of Ibadan and later became recognized as a full-fledged university of Jos. Her first students began school in 1992. University of Jos Plateau state is among the best university for law.

7.       University Of Benin, UniBen.

Accredited universities in Nigeria for law schoolsThe ancient city of Benin kingdom plays host to this
school that was founded in 1970. This period of
inception marked 10 years post-independence.  UniBen
is also one of the best for law.
They run a very flexible L.L.B program and their fees
are not cutthroat.

8.       Lagos State University LASU

Don’t confuse this for the University of Lagos, UniLag. LASU is the best state-owned university in Nigeria. This school is one of the hotspots for law in Nigeria.

9.        Ahmadu Bello University ABU Zaria

A citadel institution for learning right in the heart of northern Nigeria. It’s not a bad idea to do your L.L.B program here.

10.   Babcock University

This is a private university in Ogun State. Although a private institution, its law faculty is superb and a good choice for persons seeking admission in law-related fields. The admission process is easier but the major turn-off is that they’re very expensive.

11.   University of Maiduguri

They have an excellent law faculty program and are located in the northern part of Nigeria. The cost of living in this region of Nigeria is usually very low when compared to southern cities.

12.   Abia State University

This is another state university making our list; it was created to solve the marginalization of eastern Nigeria in terms of access to education. ABSU is indeed a good ground to begin your journey into the law profession.

13.   Delta State University

Situated in Abraka, Delta State, and a renowned institution for studying law.

14.    Olabisi Olabanjo University O.O.U

A state-owned university in Ago Iwoye, Ogun state. Her law degree program makes her #14 among our best.

15.   Rivers State University RSU

Formerly known as Rivers State University of Science and Technology RSUST located in the heart of the Port of Harcourt city is one of the most technologically advanced state-owned schools in Nigeria. They have state of art information and communication hub that offers free wifi to students and members of the school environment. Thinking of pursuing your dream of becoming a lawyer in the south then consider Rivers State University.

16.   Ambrose Ali University

Although not so popular in the country, thus university breeds excellent academic performance and has a highly sort after law program.

17.   University of Calabar UniCal

Sited in Calabar city, capital of Cross River State. They are among the federal universities offering law programs and rate #17 of the best universities in Nigeria 

18.   Ekiti State University EKSU

Owned by controversial Governor Ayodele Fayose’s Ekiti state. They offer law programs and are usually not so competitive to gain admission but they’re one of the best.

19.   Afe Babalola University

Afe is a private university and also offers a superb law program. They’re a school to be reckoned with among the best university in Nigeria to study law. The admission process is less competitive but may incur high costs to enroll.

20.   Covenant University

This is a church-owned private university owned by Bishop David Oyedepo’s Living Faith Church, this school holds high regard for discipline and also has an excellent law faculty. They are very expensive and very strict in terms of rules, this shouldn’t be a surprise as this is the norm with church-owned universities. If you can abide by the rules and afford the high cost of fees then you can go ahead to consider making Covenant university your stepping stone into the hallowed chambers of the legal profession.

21.   University of Abuja

Best university in Nigeria to study Law
A federal university was established on January 1, 1988; they run fully accredited law courses and are an excellent ground for your academic journey. Although being a federal institution cost of enrolling and living in the capital city of Abuja is a bit on the high side and should be considered by students whose wallets drag their pants/trousers down, wait a minute, did I just say that? Of course, the cost of living in your small village can’t be compared with living in Abuja. Outside the cost, they are the #21 university to study law.

22.   University of Portharcourt

Uniport is making last on our list because their law program is still in the infancy stage and is now fully accreditated They are currently running diploma and LL.B programs and are yet to have their first set of law graduates. But owing to successes in other faculty University of port Harcourt won’t be a bad choice to study law as they have plans and structures put in place to obtain full accreditation.
You’ve gone through our list which we churned out from thorough research putting many factors into consideration. It is my wish that you begin your journey into being one of my learned colleagues by enrolling in one of the best universities for law in Nigeria.

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