How to know if a partner is cheating in a long distance relationship

We all know long-distance relationships puts the relationship at risk but sometimes it's unavoidable and you have to commit to it against all odds and be sure that your partner is equally committed as well.

If you find any of the following signs, your suspicion should be high, chances are that your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend has some skeleton in his/ her cupboard and may not be as faithful as they pretend to be.

This post is going to talk to both genders as a cheat in a relationship can be a male or female. It is not peculiar to any gender but the individual involved.

 1. They keep asking if you are happy with the way the relationship is:

If your partner is constantly seeking to know if you are still happy in the relationship, always asking your opinion of what probably went wrong and if you are comfortable in it; most may not be asking for your opinion to know what they can change to make you happy instead he or she may probably be tired and wants to know how you feel about the relationship so they can tell you they want out of it since its no longer working.

This usually happens if there is a deputy, someone new with whom your partner feels more comfortable and they seek ways to break out of the relationship in a mutual way.

Nobody wants to be seen as the reason for the break up so they try to do it in the most subtle way.

They may even be the ones cheating yet robs unfaithfulness on you. The blame game continues just to make you let go for them to be with their newfound love.

Remember when we were kids and we just got a new shoe as a gift, remember how fast we try to do away with the old so we can start using the new one, that’s what plays out here.


2.     Not Consistent at Showing Affection

If your partner is oscillating between hot versus cold, inconsistent with affection in a long-distance relationship, it is a sign that things are getting messy.

If you can’t really predict anymore if they want you or don’t want you then trust your guts that this special somebody is cheating on you.

Someone who loves you will love you unconditionally and even when they get angry occasionally it will soon die off and you can swear with your life that this person loves you genuinely but if on the contrary, the love is no longer there one minute you are happy and the next minute the fight starts all over again.

These particular signs are hard to decipher but the way to go about it is to find out if this person gets angry even without provocation. If he does then know that there is someone else they prefer to you at the moment.

If he or she also suddenly starts showing too much care and affection, going the extra mile to do the things that will make you feel loved, and appreciated it may not mean he is not cheating. Some men especially do this to make you cast out any doubts you have that may warrant you suspect they are cheating. It also happens in the female folks when they suddenly turn to a new life by doing things just to please you.

In these scenarios don’t get blinded by love look deeper you might discover something that meets the eyes.

3.     They Ignore your calls

If someone is faithful they will not be bothered by your calls except if they are extremely busy. If they suddenly start ignoring your calls or wait till it almost dies out before picking it can mean so many things.

The first reason for avoiding or ignoring your calls can be because they are with their new lover and do not want you to catch them or the new lover isn’t aware they have someone already so they try to avoid your calls to build trust in the new partner.

The second reason is that they might be tired of lies, they don’t want to lie to you anymore as one lie leads to another so they prefer to ignore rather than take the calls.

To be able to properly pick up this sign you have to be good with observation, if previously they were always available on the phone and suddenly they start becoming too busy to take your calls then it means they are cheating the only exception is if they have legit reasons why they spend less time on the phone now like they got a new task at work that requires more of their time or spends long hours on the road driving around town.

Be very observing when they eventually take your calls, the way he or she speaks to you can tell you if they are alone or with someone new.

4.     They show signs of dishonesty

Dishonesty should be the first sign of a cheating partner be it a long-distance relationship or not.

If you find out that the stories your partner tells you is no longer tying up, today he says “A” and tomorrow he says “B” then trust your gut that he is cheating.

If he starts talking about things he never discussed with you then just know there is someone he discussed that with and probably thought he had the talk with you.

Show me a dishonest partner and I will show you a partner that cheats. If he lies to you or others on different occasions then why are you certain he is not lying about loving only you.

If she isn’t predictable neither here nor there and has multiple stories that don’t tie up then know that your partner is a cheat.

Not being honest can ruin the intimate bond you both share, people who keep pets are faithful to it knowing their pets won’t leave them for someone new but a dishonest partner is never yours even when they are with you.

The distance between you may obscure the lies but the truth will surely surface with time.

5. Everything seems vague

How to know a cheating partner in a long distance relationship

If everything becomes ill-defined, unclear, or vague then signs are they are losing interest in you. It simply means they have someone else and no longer have that then for you.

They no longer welcome you into the full details of their life, they think you deserve full knowledge of where they went, how they spent their day, and how they spent money.

Even when you share the same roof and they make things look like this you’ll feel distant from them and talk more when they are in another city. I suggest you use your tongue to count your teeth, this person probably has moved on and you deserve to move on too.

By hiding things from you, you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you they are cheating and have someone they prefer to share with over you.

5.     They stop flirting with you

The beauty of love is that your partner still flirts with you, if there is someone else in their life this area will die a natural death.

By being with someone else your partner loses the affection they had for you and will no longer flirt with you. Sometimes they still flirt but not like it used to be; if this is the case just know he or she is cheating.

The only exception to this is if they are too stressed at work or have a lot on their shelf outside this the attention meant for you is shared with someone else.

When this happens it simply means your partner is no longer available for you and if you can’t handle the situation, it will be wise to let them go.

6.     Partner becomes intolerant and short-tempered

If your partner no longer tolerates you and gets angry over every minor provocation and over petty things, it means the relationship is no longer important to them. They are not keen on being with you any longer, there would be actually no need for keeping a long-distance relationship with them when it's obvious they no longer want you.


Before you think of cheating in a long-distance relationship make sure you are not the cheating partner. Pay close attention to these signs if you are a victim and you will uncover even the deepest secrets.

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