How to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend

How to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend
In our quest to find true love as men we are always eager to know the best way to get a girl and that's why this article is important and we will be answering this question to help solve this riddle for men. 

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Don’t assume she knows you want her or that you already know how best to ask her out; we are aware you like this babe and we will do our best to make sure you get it right. 

Take a glass of your favorite drink and follow us all the way through. Don't be like the 70 percent of single people who are confused about whether a small outing is a date or not, and what's best to say to women to get them to believe your favorite lies. 

Lots of men are purposefully vague when it comes to asking a girl out, this is to avoid the pain of getting shot down.

 It’s very tempting to try but if done wrong even if you dodge rejection, she might throw you into the dreaded friend zone if you fail to convince her you're romantically into her.  

Personally, I suffered this friend zone thing countless times during my university days, in fact, some girls will even turn you into assignment boyfriends. 

If your intentions are clear and you do it the right way she will admire your confidence and definitely give you a positive answer if she is free. 

Best ways to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend 

How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

Show some respect for her time,  ask for next Friday. 

Never be in a hurry while asking for a date, never ask her for this Friday or weekend allow her some time to play, and offer to have a date with her next weekend or Friday. 

This kind of schedule,  allows the other party to make out time out of their busy schedule to go on a date with you. 

If the date you have in mind will be busy for her she might say no, don't force a date on her rather allow her to pick a new comfortable date. 

Do it in the old style like you're still in 1999

Don't fix dates over text,  calling to request their time to go on a date works perfectly. 

Women pay important attention to what they hear so make sure you use the power you've got in that your thick masculine voice. 

Don't be tricky, ask for a date

Don't casually tell her to hang out, women are quick to judge hanging out as just friends, this isn't what you want except you are looking for a company to watch you eat or eat with you and in that case most girls will show up in the company of 5 of their hungry friends.

Tell her you'd like to take her out on a date,  that way she knows what is coming, if she doesn't want you,  she will turn down the offer. It is not enough to trick her into hanging out with you,  if she is not into you that effort and resources will be in futility. 

I always advise people not to waste time on people who are not interested in them. 

Find out what she likes:

Before going for a date make sure you have solved most of the riddles about her. 

Have a working plan and tailor it to her interests and the activities she loves to engage in. You can go for a picnic and hike if she’s the outdoor type. A movie will do if she is the indoor type. If she loves wines,  then a tasting will do.  

What if she asks you to hang out with her?

Don't assume she is already head over heels for you or that she might be out to put bills on you. 

If she requests to hang out with you, be very alert to read her body language, and find out if she wants someone to put some bills on or if she wants it in a frenzy. Make sure you try to pass the message that you guys are going on a date. That way she knows you mean serious business. 

On the day dress up smart, wear some nice cologne, open doors for her as a gentleman and be the one to pick up the check even if she offers to pay.

Pay close attention to her responses.

If she's uncomfortable with you opening doors or wants to do that for you or prefers splitting bills then you might be on the verge of starting a platonic relationship and the friend zone will be your home for a long time.

 If she graciously succumbs to your chivalry, gradually bring in “dating” into the conversation and watch the magic. You can jokingly say, “today is the best date of my life the last was with my ex till we part ways.” 

She will either communicate in this line by asking more questions about your previous relationship and confirming if you're truly single or she'll change the subject. If she does the latter, then it means she's not ready to date you at least not yet. 

When to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

There is no strict rule to follow about when to ask her to become your girlfriend. 

Ordinarily one would say after 10 dates or after 3-6 months it will be ideal to take it to the next level but honestly, relationships don't work this way.

 There is no perfect formula to knowing when to ask this girl to be your girlfriend, we will try our best to get around it and tell you what works. 

A large chunk of the decision lies with you so you will do most of the deciphering of when best to pop the question. 

It isn't based on how long you've been with her but rather how much you've known her. 

Your feelings and how much you can tell her body language will tell when it's right to speak out. For example, you can't ask someone you don't know last name to be your girlfriend. 

The time differs for different people, the same time that might be too soon for some persons might be perfect for others so be very cerebral about this.  

If you guys are on the same page and want to start something serious together then the time is ripe to ask her out. 

Factors to consider on deciding when to ask her out

Below are some factors that might determine when you should ask her to be your girlfriend. 

1. If you guys have been on a date repeatedly; introduced as potential dates, or met on a dating app or platform then 3 months should be enough to ask her to be your girlfriend. 

2. If you guys have been casually dating and if you're involved with others then 6 months should be the ideal time to ask her to be your girlfriend. You need to make sure you spend enough time convincing yourself why you should leave others to date her. 

3. If it is the what are we kind of friendship then waste no time 2 months is the perfect time to ask her to be your lady. By what are we I mean, if you are already sharing sexual intimacy and fantasies with this girl. 

4. If you're chasing her and she is not interested or you met her on a hookup arrangement then wait up to 12 months or 1 year before you ask her to date you. 

How do I ask a girl for a relationship?

In some men this decision can predispose them to anxiety problems this is because the male gender is usually the one to ask her to be your girlfriend and she either says yes or refuses your advances. 

I have provided a guide for asking a girl to be in a relationship with you below:

Clarity is gold

Wear her own shoes and make sure when you're telling her you'd be as clear as possible. Make sure you don't develop cold feet to avoid fumbling.

Be certain of what you want, or else you will leave her presence more confused than you were before starting the conversation.  

Be courageous, and ask her the right question if she can be your girl. This way she will know your intention before saying yes or no. 

Your question may come too soon for her so don't rush her for answers.  Women like it when you take it slow and steady. 

Do it in a comfortable place.

It should be comfortable for both parties. Where both parties can talk without being tense. 

Your house is not a good choice,  most women don't feel safe if you invite them to your house straight away, they will feel apprehensive and think you might just want to lure them to bed. 

The venue also has to be one that will be in her memories for a long time so choose somewhere she'll always associate with you and feel good memories. 

When a woman gives you a pass for picking the appropriate venue, you are very close to getting a yes. 

Do it at the right time.

We already talked about the right time to ask a girl to be in a relationship with you.  Make sure judging by the circumstances above you are taking the steps at the most appropriate time. 

Be sincere

Even if your skills are rusty, you can still get it right if you can show how sincere you are. Women love sincere men and if you can feign it then you'll probably succeed to get them to be yours.

 Don't say I want you and stop,  tell her you to want to be her boyfriend. Don't forget to massage her auditory senses, and tell her the sweet things women love to hear. 

Make your feelings real enough. 

Tell her how good you feel spending time with her. Tell her moments with her are golden. Say it in a subtle way so she won't think you're faking it to make her feel good. 

If appears interested in what you're saying, count yourself lucky for it is at this moment that you take the conversation even deeper. 

Be careful not to push things too fast. 

Researchers have proven that giving women positive affirmations is one of the cute ways to ask a girl to be her girlfriend. 

Make her a delicious dinner 

This is one of the most romantic ways to ask a girl out. 

Ask her out over dinner,  if she is okay with coming home.

 It is a light-hearted but funny approach that works well if she already knows you well and can trust you. Women don't like to regret when they take the huge risk of obliging to see you at home.  

If you have great culinary skills invite her to your place for dinner or lunch. 

Make sure you make her taste buds fall in love with you. 

Don't make the mistake of wanting to take advantage, if you're a gentleman there will be many more opportunities to get into her if she agrees to date you, and remember luring her or forcing her against her will has severe consequences in the law of many countries. 

Make sure you make good use of the opportunity in trying to win her to be your girl. Don't end up in the friend zone after spending time and energy making sumptuous meals.

Be a gentleman and stay cool.

Whether she agrees or disagrees don't let it show. 

Be the perfect gentleman, if it doesn't work today,  chances are that it will work tomorrow and if it doesn't work with a particular person, the best is surely yet to come. 

What do you say to ask her out? 

There are quite a number of things you can say. First, you need to make her as comfortable as possible and get to talking terms with her. 

You can ask her to walk her to class or walk her home after class. You can ask her if she is a bit free that you want to have some heart-to-heart discussions with her,  promise her it won't take time. 

Tell her you kind of fancy the idea of going out for dinner with her and wants to know what her weekend will look like. Tell her about a new movie and ask if she'd love to go to the cinema with you. 

Don't bother too much if she will turn down the offer. Often times 60% of women will look at you, make a quick assessment and give you the benefit of doubt. 

How to ask her out casually 

Start on a casual note, make sure you align communication wise then ask if she will be free this weekend or next for something nice, if she asks what?  Tell her a movie or your favorite restaurant. 

Chances are that she will accept o go on a date with you just playing casually with her. 

Make sure you go about it smartly to avoid translating the supposed relationship to that dreaded zone. Except for friends zone is what you want. 

How to ask her out over text

Have some working friendship with her then find an activity or event which she likes then ask if she would love to do Xyz with you over text. If she already fancies you then expect a positive response. 

Don't steal people's contacts to send them random text messages, women don't like it. 

To avoid them policing how you got their contact, make sure you try your best to get the phone lines from them even with the flimsiest excuse. 

How to ask her out in a flirty way

Make eye contact in successions then walk up to her, tell her with the way she is looking at you, you're fighting so hard to avoid asking for a date and there is a limit to how much you can fight.

 Tell her girls are not aware that no matter how hard you try there is always someone you find it very hard to resist. 


These basic rules, if well followed will reduce your chances of failing with love. Finding true love is possible if you do it the right way. 

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